Definition of fraudulently in English:



  • In a way that involves deception, especially criminal deception.

    ‘she bought goods with a fraudulently obtained credit card’
    ‘he fraudulently claimed £13,000 in housing benefits’
    • ‘There are websites set up to expose men who fraudulently claim to be former Navy SEALs or Green Berets.’
    • ‘He also tackles the allegations that the presidential election was won fraudulently.’
    • ‘Police arrested three men for allegedly fraudulently trying to obtain money from an online bank.’
    • ‘In the majority of cases, this occurs where the amount of the customer's check has been fraudulently raised.’
    • ‘Now they want refunds of the taxes paid on the fraudulently reported earnings.’
    • ‘The procedure will facilitate the cross-reference of data to prevent people staying here illegally or claiming asylum fraudulently.’
    • ‘The effort is designed to catch people who try to fraudulently increase their refunds or lower their taxes.’
    • ‘He is fielding dozens of complaints and even threats after refusing to take goods fraudulently ordered in his name.’
    • ‘Phishing, the practice of fraudulently obtaining a person's banking details, is by its very nature an irritating phenomenon.’
    • ‘The credit card number could have been used fraudulently.’