Definition of Frascati in English:



mass noun
  • A wine, typically white, produced in the region of Frascati, Italy.

    • ‘I ordered a bottle of the house Frascati to drown our sorrows and a garlic bread pizza to share.’
    • ‘With a glass of wonderfully fresh, fruit-rich Frascati, it made a swell supper.’
    • ‘Old school Frascati, the region's other classic wine didn't help.’
    • ‘His hand is shaking, his jacket stained, and half-way down a bottle of Frascati he starts to talk of elegant long meals.’
    • ‘Wednesday nights started off as a polite night round at my flat with a few crisps, a couple of olives and a glass of Frascati.’
    • ‘The wine is so excellent (especially the white Frascati that comes from the nearby Castelli Romani) and affordable that you might want to do as the Romans do and have it with both lunch and dinner.’
    • ‘It can be an unforgiving creature, particularly after that extra glass of Frascati has lured its owner on to the dance floor.’
    • ‘Of the many Frascatis I tried, the other I liked was Vulcanum - this landscape is extinct volcanoes after all - made by Tenuta Cusmano, a small winery run by a father and son.’
    • ‘We ordered a bottle of Frascati, which was reasonably priced at €20.25, but probably cost €3 to produce in Italy.’
    • ‘And during all this we were drinking a bottle of Frascati, which seemed to go on forever.’
    • ‘Az Agr Piero Costantini was introduced to us when we first visited Vinitaly and it is a great pleasure to be able to introduce their two Cru Frascatis to the UK for they have to be among the top Frascatis produced.’
    • ‘The Frascatis come with a certificate that specifies that they are suitable for use as mass wine.’
    • ‘As well as a starter and a main course each we also polished off two bottles of Frascati, and ended up feeling very very tipsy for ages afterwards.’
    • ‘While making our respective food choices, the restaurant owner chose the wine - a very pleasant Frascati, which complemented our predominantly seafood choices that evening.’