Definition of frantically in English:



  • 1In a distraught way owing to fear, anxiety, or other emotion.

    ‘women wept as they frantically searched for missing children’
    • ‘On the steps of the restaurant, he runs into his friend who has been frantically looking for him.’
    • ‘Her husband is seen roaming the neighborhood in his car, frantically searching for her.’
    • ‘One group of survivors is thrown life preservers, while another is frantically bailing out a sinking vessel.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the children are frantically crying.’
    • ‘The third man frantically tries to climb the cliff to escape.’
    • ‘The animals, seeing that Snow White is in danger, frantically retrieve the Dwarfs from the mines.’
    • ‘You pretend to throw, and the stupid dog runs frantically searching everywhere for the ball you neglected to offer him.’
    • ‘A moment later, a woman creates another disturbance when she frantically tries to shut off her car alarm.’
    • ‘He runs through the jungle trying frantically to lose the savage hunters as they sing their terrifying pig-hunting song.’
    • ‘Federal investigators frantically sought to track down the infected cow's antecedents.’
    1. 1.1 In a hurried, excited, or disorganized manner.
      ‘the two ladies competing for his attention waved frantically at him’
      ‘officials frantically typed on laptops’
      • ‘Bedlam breaks out as everyone starts dancing frantically.’
      • ‘At the exact moment the theme song begins, our unborn baby boy starts kicking frantically.’
      • ‘The ending, which seems to go on forever, as you frantically turn page after page, is totally dramatic with secret agents popping out of every closet.’
      • ‘In a frantically paced production, The Fair Maid of the West makes a madcap dash through Heywood's plays.’
      • ‘He has directed as frantically as Greenberg has written.’
      • ‘He frantically pounds the piano as if his very soul depends upon it.’
      • ‘My friend dipped his hand into the worms and held one up as it wriggled frantically in his fingers.’
      • ‘At first she is seen frantically scrubbing the floor, possibly, it seems at first, grinding seed to make bread.’
      • ‘Zooming around frantically during the week, I found myself frequenting the local convenience store what seemed like a hundred times.’
      • ‘She rubbed her hair frantically in an attempt to dry it, but failed, and walked downstairs wet.’