Definition of franking in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of franking a letter or parcel.

    as modifier ‘a franking machine’
    • ‘This is a certified course in office work including office management, using fax machines and photocopiers, franking letters, office finances and telephone receptionist skills.’
    • ‘Customers who wish to use their franking machine to add the return address should consult their machine supplier - Royal Mail have issued guidelines to suppliers.’
    • ‘I wonder why the post office always urges us, the public, to use postcodes, as the franking machines are geared to do, when they are so often ignored?’
    • ‘Unbeknown to me, Jonathan swiped my franking machine to send out magazines.’
    • ‘Think of a franking machine endlessly stamping out identical copies and you'll get the idea.’
    • ‘Is there anyone out there who would maybe donate a couple of second class stamps, or any company who would run some appeal letters through their franking machines.’
    • ‘Furthermore, many potential senders of medical correspondence may not have franking machines or stamps to put on envelopes to enable the prison to ascertain the veracity of the sender.’
    • ‘The eleventh expedition designated one of its staff to be in charge of stamps and a franking stamp.’
    • ‘The court was told that certain rights of free postage the senator had as a member of the Oireachtas would not be affected by the franking machine arrangement.’
    • ‘French law had discriminated against imported postal franking machines.’
    • ‘He suggests businesses use other Royal Mail services, such as franking machines or pre-printed mail contracts.’
    • ‘Stamps - why don't some mail boxes have franking machines (this personal annoyance is somewhat overcome in the US where you can actually get stamps out of an ATM).’
    1. 1.1count noun An official mark or signature on a letter or parcel to indicate that postage has been paid or does not need to be paid.
      ‘the postcards appear complete with franking’
      count noun ‘covers with rare frankings’
      • ‘A magnificent GB rarity, probably the finest of the three recorded late fee combination frankings, accompanied by a 1995 RPS certificate.’
      • ‘Most agents will have a return address or a franking mark, and thus they will get equally bombarded.’
      • ‘Mixed frankings are avidly sought; they were later also possible with the Landscapes series stamps.’
      • ‘Three covers, two used in 1932 and one in 1933, two to Brazil and one to Argentina, quite colorful frankings and cachets, fresh and Very Fine E.1,000-1,500 422 Lebanon Zeppelin Flight.’
      • ‘The little color such frankings add to a collection of whites, reds and oranges make for a positive change.’
      • ‘Covers with mixed UAE and Sharjah frankings are known.’
      • ‘Only 23 frankings are recorded with a 10 centesimi revenue stamp and only 7 with a sole 10 centesimi.’
      • ‘Equally rare are mixed frankings with the ‘Reichspost’ stamp after I January 1900; they were possible until 31 May 1900.’
      • ‘Franking statistics software enables you to analyse all frankings by period, by cost-centre, by postal category, by destination and by additional mail services.’
      • ‘This ten-frame exhibit shows used examples of 31 basic varieties, destinations, production varieties, postmarks, frankings and cancels.’
      • ‘Overweight letters had to be prepaid in cash, hence multiple frankings are especially rare.’
      • ‘Very wide scope of types, many have colorful pictorial frankings and the topical content is desirable throughout.’