Definition of Francophobe in English:



  • A person having a strong dislike of France or the French.

    ‘even a Francophobe like you can pronounce the word’
    as modifier ‘this is what my Francophobe friends say’
    • ‘The atmosphere was genuinely cordial, apart from the dyspeptic comments of Francophobes like the MP who dismissed the whole affair as 'Frog week'.’
    • ‘Watching the way he negotiates buck-passing French bureaucracy ought to resonate with disgruntled expats and Francophobes.’
    • ‘Ordinarily I'm a Francophobe, but on this occasion, well done those French.’
    • ‘Actually, Americans need to work at this even harder than we do, particularly the Francophobes among them.’
    • ‘The Presbyterian medical missionary had a reputation among French colonists as a ferocious Francophobe.’
    • ‘Andrews was a sometime Francophobe who worried that luxury and vice were on the rise.’
    • ‘I'm no Francophobe; I love the country, the charming people, and the relaxed attitude to working.’
    • ‘And so the fervent Francophiles of not-yet-Germany were transformed into even more fervent Francophobes.’
    • ‘Dean's statement is an attempt to win points with know-nothing Francophobes.’
    • ‘Beckett, a fervent Francophobe, tore down the mansion and built a house that was lost in a fire in 1985.’