Definition of framer in English:



  • 1A person who shapes or creates a concept, plan, or system.

    ‘objections will be made if the framer of the law can be absolutely proved to have meant one thing’
    • ‘It is quite clear from the history of the Amendment that its framers did not intend to give Congress the power to determine personhood for due process and equal protection purposes.’
    • ‘You mean to tell me that our umpires are ignoring the clear language of the rulebook and the intentions of its framers?’
    • ‘I do not blame the framers of our three past Constitutions in 1935, 1971 and 1986.’
    • ‘Owen was an influential diplomat who helped institutionalize global economic summitry in the 1970s and was considered an intellectual framer of the Trilateral Commission.’
    • ‘From the October 1996 framers of the strategy, shock and awe was a way of achieving rapid dominance.’
    • ‘These figures suggest that progress on the crucial question of attitudes and cultural shift in the direction of engagement with Asia may be much lower than the original framers of the strategy hoped.’
    • ‘The Treaty framers might have hoped that these tensions would be short-lived.’
    • ‘The framers of the convention therefore sought to draw a clear line against use of all chemical agents on the battlefield.’
    • ‘It is a general principle of English law that the intention which the framer of the document has in mind when he brings it into existence is not material.’
    • ‘The framers of the Convention recognized that, given the broad range of rights and the general wording of the document, there could be difficulty in the interpretation of the Convention.’
    • ‘However self-evident it may appear today, the Declaration bore a more radical message than many of its framers perhaps recognized.’
    • ‘The framers of the federal legislation have positioned themselves as having the same objective as those sympathetic to the union movement: protecting the interests of the fighter.’
    • ‘When the dictator was toppled, the senate was reinstituted, and was designed to have national scope, creating a platform, the framers imagined, for the country's best and brightest.’
    • ‘Though ATV use is in some ways primitive and certainly unconfined, I doubt that's what the framers of the act had in mind.’
    1. 1.1 One of the drafters of the US Constitution.
      ‘the Framers would have a hard time recognizing the modern presidency’
      • ‘Dobson evoked the framers of the Constitution, saying: "These activist, unelected judges believe they know better than the American people about the direction the country should go."’
      • ‘Sneering asides about freedom of expression do not sit well with claims to understand what the framers of the American Constitution had in mind given the prominence of the First Amendment.’
      • ‘Half a century after the framers of our constitution had pledged to form a more perfect union, Alexis de Tocqueville thought he had stumbled on to the unifying element, civic participation.’
      • ‘Unlike the Constitution's framers, "we have come to a clear realization of the fact that true individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence."’
      • ‘Why spend all of that precious time debating the meaning of the words to be used in the Constitution if the framers' understanding of those words made no real difference?’
      • ‘By the reference to "frame of government" Lincoln said he assumed Douglas meant the US Constitution and the framers, the original 39 signers, "their names being familiar to nearly all."’
      • ‘The framers of the Constitution were veterans of a revolution against a king whose divine right to rule the colonies was sanctioned by the official church of England.’
      • ‘He, like the other framers, hated concentrating power in the hands of a few, and didn't like the idea of the past calling the shots on the future either.’
      • ‘The framers of the American Constitution believed that under a system of direct election the president would become slavishly responsive to popular passions.’
      • ‘Thomas is forced to speculate as to the intent of the framers, since he concedes they likely never imagined the vast modern apparatus of federal agencies and their powers.’
  • 2A person who makes frames for paintings or photographs.

    ‘in a frame shop or gallery framers work normal shop hours’
    • ‘One of the ways framers can get in on the profits is to set up a festive frame shop.’
    • ‘A lot of framers struggle with moulding that arrives for a work order that doesn't match the sample they've shown a customer.’
    • ‘Houssian often visits custom framers, galleries, furniture and interior design centers in New York for design ideas.’
    • ‘Many framers like to use rich woods like cherry, walnut, and mahogany with color photography, particularly with landscapes.’
    • ‘This coating allows a framer to place the image any distance from the glass without distortion, according to Carelli.’
    • ‘The company is a supplier of custom-cut framing materials for do-it-yourself picture framers, as well as framing retailers.’
    • ‘She apprenticed for three years with a framer in Portugal and has been framing for 12 years.’
    • ‘Many picture framers don't realize that their prices are too low to cover the entirety of the expenses they incur annually, let alone generate enough profit for their businesses to grow.’
    • ‘I became a picture framer in the late 1970s when limited-edition prints were just becoming a more important part of the industry.’
    • ‘Removing a piece of artwork from its original framing package can be a minefield for a framer.’
    • ‘One of the greatest advantages to oversize framing orders is the challenge they present to a framer's artistic and technical abilities.’
    • ‘Frequently, people bring things to a custom framer because they have sentimental value or represent some connection to the consumers' lives.’