Definition of frame saw in English:

frame saw


  • A saw with a thin blade kept rigid by being stretched in a frame.

    • ‘The design of the vertical tilt frame saw provides for ease of loading material on the machine's work table.’
    • ‘When large blocks of marble, limestone or sandstone are transported from the mines to industrial plants, tens of diamond frame saws are used to slice them into slabs.’
    • ‘Many companies that manufacture engineered flooring, doors, stiles and rails are able to take the veneer slats directly out of the frame saw and face glue them to a core product.’
    • ‘The rigid blade, originally made by rolling steel strips, makes a more accurate cut than a frame saw, and there is no frame to interfere with deep cuts.’
    • ‘This is a fully automatic CNC wet grinding machine for the grinding of both hogging and frame saw blades.’
    • ‘Diamond multi-blade saws called gang saws or frame saws are now well established as a standard means of slabbing marble’
    • ‘While frame saws are made for ripping, a bow saw is best designed to cross cut.’
    • ‘Because poorly adhered diamond cannot cut both directions under strong impact force, frame saws equipped with diamond segments are used only to cut soft marble.’
    • ‘Keep in mind that there are many ways to do this faster with the use of mechanical tools, but you are doing this project to learn how to use your frame saw and how to solder.’
    • ‘The frame saw is a traditional favorite of European master craftsmen.’
    • ‘At the factory blocks of limestone are slabbed using 3 frame saws and 3 single blade saws.’
    • ‘Different sawing tools are applied for the different requirements in manual woodworking and are divided into the groups of frame saws and frameless saws.’
    • ‘The effects are achieved by upgrading a conventional frame saw bench widely used in sawmills with ultrasound generator.’
    • ‘In all, Austria has 6,000 sawmills with approximately 2,400 complete frame saws and 3,800 single frame saws.’
    • ‘Japanese frame saw blades are thinner than European blades, therefore they are more delicate.’
    • ‘The replacement of the frame saws for its part enabled increased production.’