Definition of frame rate in English:

frame rate


  • The frequency at which frames in a television picture, film, or video sequence are displayed.

    ‘the higher frame rate is supposed to make fast action scenes look smoother’
    • ‘The human eye's "native" refresh rate is approximately 20 milliseconds, corresponding to a frame rate of one fiftieth of a second.’
    • ‘Rounding out the visuals is the very smooth frame rate Gladius enjoys.’
    • ‘To decrease file size lower the frame rate and/or decrease the image size and number of colours displayed.’
    • ‘First, the animation is visibly cheaper, with a lower frame rate and level of detail.’
    • ‘Dropping the frame rate to twelve or fifteen fps will still produce a quite smooth animation, but will also take half as much time for students to capture.’
    • ‘The variety of visual frills and eye-candy available to display have to be sacrificed to get an acceptable frame rate.’
    • ‘PAL uses a frame rate of 25 fps and NTSC uses the somewhat odd frame rate of 29.97 fps.’
    • ‘If it had been twice as long with double the frame rate, we might have had something.’
    • ‘Differences in frame rates are responsible for old films looking jerky with everyone walking around faster.’
    • ‘Some of the CGI has a lower frame rate than the rest of the film, but everything else looks spectacular.’
    • ‘When things get visually complicated, the frame rate often slows down as well, which makes the film feel unfinished.’
    • ‘If your computer can't run the frame rates then it'll start slowing down.’
    • ‘On a more positive note, the view distance is impressive, and there is no noticeable reduction in frame rate during heated engagements.’
    • ‘But really an image is a segment of time, captured at the shutter speed or frame rate of the camera.’
    • ‘The frame rate for filming was 18 fps and when played back at 24 fps the action appears to speed up.’
    • ‘This frame rate constitutes the low end for what we would consider to be reasonably smooth motion.’
    • ‘I guess that comes down to what you would deem to be a playable frame rate.’
    • ‘We could only get a few vehicles on the screen at a time on our test machine without the frame rate bottoming out.’
    • ‘I was able to improve the look of the game quite a bit without sacrificing the frame rate.’
    • ‘Rendered video of this size and frame rate are also perfect for web projects and internet distribution.’