Definition of framboesia in English:


(US frambesia)


  • another term for yaws
    • ‘There are several varieties of this disease, variously known as framboesia, pian, verrugas, and crab-yaws.’
    • ‘Around the world, yaws is known by many different names, including pian, patek, parangi, buoba, frambesia tropica, granuloma tropicum and polypapilloma tropicum.’
    • ‘Because the bumps of yaws look like berries, the disease is also called frambesia from the French ‘framboise,’ meaning ‘raspberry.’’
    • ‘Yaws (frambesia) is found in humid equatorial countries, where transmission is favored by scanty clothing and skin trauma.’
    • ‘These nonvenereal diseases are yaws (framboesia), pinta, and bejel.’
    • ‘The first lesion goes most of the time unnoticed and the typical cutaneous finding is a sore also called frambesia which is an itching, granulating and oozing ulcer with a thin scab at the top.’
    • ‘The most prevalent disease in Rotuma is undoubtedly yaws, or framboesia, known generally under the Fijian name of coko, though I also heard the Polynesian name, tona, applied.’


Early 19th century: modern Latin, from French framboise ‘raspberry’, so named because of the red swellings caused by the disease, likened to raspberries.