Definition of fraise in English:



  • 1(in cooking) a strawberry.

    ‘pastry and cheese served with fraises des bois’
    • ‘Among the choicest delicacies offered by my summer garden are the jewel-like fruits of alpine strawberries (Fragaria vesca ‘Semperflorens’), also known by their romantic French name, fraises des bois.’
    • ‘I will not linger over the desserts, though my companion swears that her fraises des bois, warm as the breath of panthers, are the most wonderful things that have ever passed her lips.’
    • ‘Add the herbs and fold half of the fraise des bois into the sabayon while reserving the remaining half for garnish.’
    • ‘Here, it was a Suprême de fraise, sorbet cerise, arranged gracefully on a rectangular plate.’
    • ‘But I can't be allowed to think about this agonizing question for too long otherwise I start to yearn for canelés and financiers and every single item in my mom's baking repertoire, her tarte aux fraises in particular.’
    • ‘Top with sabayon and sprinkle with the remaining fraise des bois.’
    • ‘I mean, under clafoutis a la fraise I do find the list of ingredients, but the actual recipe is nowhere to be found?’
    • ‘Smaller and more delicate than regular strawberries, the fraises have an intense strawberry perfume and sweetness.’
    • ‘‘My oldest grandson discovered my fraises des bois this summer and said, ‘They're better than candy.’
    • ‘Apparently, they are new fraises des bois crossed with steroids.’
    • ‘In this judgment, I shall use the expression ‘strawberries’ to refer to alpine strawberries, fraises de bois, unless otherwise stated.’
    • ‘Why not combine fresh spring fraises with almonds for a fine tarte aux fraises frangipane?’
    1. 1.1[mass noun]A white brandy distilled from strawberries.