Definition of fractionating column in English:

fractionating column


  • A tall, horizontally subdivided container for fractional distillation in which vapour passes upwards and condensing liquid flows downwards. The vapour becomes progressively enriched in more volatile components as it ascends, and the less volatile components become concentrated in the descending liquid, which can be drawn off.

    • ‘The packed fractionating column can be used for the production of terpeneless essential oils and isolation of natural aroma chemicals under high vacuum.’
    • ‘Vapors from the oil move into a fractionating column, a tall tower containing a series of chambers.’
    • ‘Often, the fractionating columns are wrapped in thermal insulation and even heated at the bottom of the column while gradually cooled at the top.’
    • ‘Before discussing these columns and the advantages offered by such fractionating columns, it is important to understand the basis of the advantages offered by columns with many theoretical plates.’
    • ‘The crude oil is heated in a furnace and pumped into the fractionating column, near its base.’