Definition of fractionalize in English:


(British fractionalise)


[with object]usually as adjective fractionalized
  • Divide (someone or something) into separate groups or parts.

    ‘fractionalized consumer markets’
    • ‘Many of these issues can be resolved through fractionalizing the ownership of the property.’
    • ‘This mirrors the fact that it's as diverse and fractionalized a landscape as we've ever seen out there, and it's only going to get more so.’
    • ‘Allotments commonly became so fractionalized by heirship that they were virtually worthless except for leasing.’
    • ‘It says that in this era of multiplying entertainment choices, audiences are being fractionalised.’
    • ‘In serious cases of kidney stones an ultrasound that fractionalizes and breaks down the stones may be advised.’
    • ‘In this fractionalized viewing world, it's the smartest thing a television executive can do.’
    • ‘A heavily fractionalized opposition with a precarious majority imposes fewer constraints on the executive due to the difficulty of forming a cohesive legislative opposition bloc to oppose any given policy.’
    • ‘It would be foolhardy to fractionalise into small regional units where the required capacities are just non-existent.’
    • ‘We have now moved beyond polarization, we're fractionalized.’
    • ‘Rumors spread and it is not uncommon for a fractionalizing of a department or entire company to take place.’
    • ‘Yet the existing parties were imposed by the military, and are divided and bitterly fractionalised.’
    • ‘It had had discussions with the union which had resulted in the creation of more fractionalised teaching posts, a voluntary redundancy programme followed by some compulsory redundancies and retirements for ill-health.’
    • ‘Failure of the moderate initiatives shot down any hopes of creating a single voice for pro-independence parties, and the political landscape remained fractionalized.’
    • ‘The result will be a fractionalized society with nothing meaningful holding us together.’
    • ‘Such behavior forces a ‘we versus they’ mind-set and fractionalizes the organization.’
    • ‘They also confirm that highly fractionalized societies will have a worse record of the rule of law.’
    • ‘One does not wish to create a class environment that is so competitive that it may ultimately fractionalize and distance students.’
    • ‘Spin liquid is one of the fractionalized phases which are likely to be observed in experiment.’