Definition of foxglove in English:



  • A tall Eurasian plant with erect spikes of pinkish-purple (or white) flowers shaped like the fingers of gloves. It is a source of the drug digitalis.

    Genus Digitalis, family Scrophulariaceae: many species, in particular D. purpurea

    • ‘The foxglove is a marvellous example of a plant which is adapted to be pollinated by insects.’
    • ‘They also don't eat anemones, astilbes, junipers, foxgloves, daffodils, ferns, grasses and a whole host of things.’
    • ‘Many other garden plants are also highly toxic, including rhubarb leaves, autumn crocuses, delphiniums, foxgloves and laburnum.’
    • ‘Birch looks wonderful sitting in a mass of plants such as foxgloves, tellima and hellebores.’
    • ‘Digitalis from the foxglove plants used by an old woman in Shropshire, England was analyzed and promoted for heart disease by Dr. William Withering in 1785 and was still widely used in herbal form until the 1950's.’
    • ‘Digitalis, a heart medication, comes from the foxglove plant.’
    • ‘Magnificent displays of bluebells are out just now and the ground vegetation also has an abundance of foxgloves, heath bedstraw and wood sorrel.’
    • ‘But as container plants, foxgloves are present now in all sorts of generic and specific garden shops.’
    • ‘Other staples of the cottage garden include rosemary and lavender, pale pink peonies (short-lived but gorgeous), tall hollyhocks and foxgloves which like acid soil and do well in shade.’
    • ‘Then came perennial beds with roses, lilies, foxgloves, lupins, daisies, shrubs, and more.’
    • ‘Cut the bloom stalks off delphiniums, foxgloves, and hollyhocks as soon as they fade - but well before they set mature seed.’
    • ‘With the onset of summer there's the cow parsley, poppies, honeysuckle, wild roses, speedwell, ragged robin and foxgloves.’
    • ‘Plants that may require staking to hold their blooms high include Canterbury bells, hollyhocks, and verbascums, with foxgloves and delphiniums in the upper garden zones.’
    • ‘Ginger, garlic, mint, chives, red lettuce, red cabbage, sage, sunflower, fennel, foxglove, mint, chicory & endive seem to be less prone to slug attack.’
    • ‘If I am diligent I can get an extra few weeks out of the delphiniums, foxgloves and monkshood by removing the spent blooms.’
    • ‘Then she mixed in foxgloves with flowers in closely related colors - pink, lilac, and lavender.’
    • ‘In partial shade, use balloon flowers as accent plants placed among foxgloves, hostas, or lamb's ears.’
    • ‘If, for instance, you have alkaline soil you can dig a large hole, fill it with ericaceous compost and grow acid-loving plants such as azalea and foxgloves.’
    • ‘True to Chris's intentions, the two acre garden is fresh with scent and the colours of cowslips and foxgloves, daffodils and dandelions.’
    • ‘In early spring, fragile perennials, such as foxgloves and delphiniums, take center stage.’