Definition of fovea in English:


(also fovea centralis)


  • A small depression in the retina of the eye where visual acuity is highest. The centre of the field of vision is focused in this region, where retinal cones are particularly concentrated.

    • ‘Multiple bodies associated with synovial chondromatosis often adhere to the synovium around the fovea and must be morseled before removal by arthroscopy.’
    • ‘When we gaze directly at an object, we hold our eyes in such a position that the image of the object falls on the central, specialized region of the retina - the fovea or macula - where visual acuity and colour vision are best.’
    • ‘The cones are concentrated in the center of the back of the eye, at its most sensitive region, called the fovea.’
    • ‘The fovea creates the most finely detailed vision for such daily tasks as reading, threading a needle, or driving a car.’
    • ‘The central retina, or macula, and the centermost macula, or fovea, exhibit structural and cellular specializations for fine central acuity.’


Late 17th century: from Latin, literally ‘small pit’.