Definition of fourth-rate in English:



  • Of extremely poor quality.

    ‘a fourth-rate hotel, with lots of damp, dirty sheets’
    • ‘The years 1903 to 1908 found him travelling all over Europe conducting for orchestras, which were never better than fourth rate, and one of which he described as 'solid, stolid, and squalid'.’
    • ‘Customers have paid good money only to find out their intellectual property is protected by fourth-rate security.’
    • ‘He is a third-rate lawyer toiling away at a fourth-rate firm.’
    • ‘This is the one legendary moment that survives from an otherwise fourth-rate film.’
    • ‘It's hard to understand why the usually reliable label would put out a product so fourth-rate.’
    • ‘I find her work for the past fifteen years to be quite unreadable, fourth-rate science fiction.’
    • ‘Think about the film at all, and you'll see it for the fourth-rate rip-off it is.’
    • ‘He never had to worry about a fourth-rate cast.’
    • ‘Few will recognize first-rate music, because fourth-rate music is all most people know.’
    • ‘It starts out as a third-rate pop-country song and degenerates into a fourth-rate rap tune.’