Definition of fourteenth in English:


ordinal number

  • 1Constituting number fourteen in a sequence; 14th.

    ‘the early fourteenth century’
    ‘his fourteenth birthday’
    • ‘Part of the fourteenth bay had been left open to provide daylight for the landing of the great staircase that ascends to the reading room.’
    • ‘This year, its fourteenth, the fair brings together thirty dealers from Europe and the United States.’
    • ‘The apartments are located in the fourteenth arrondissement, an unassuming but typical residential area in the south of Paris.’
    • ‘Many people start to get squirmy and bored after the fourteenth or fifteenth viewing of a movie.’
    • ‘The professor's book on farm estate planning is in its fourteenth edition.’
    • ‘Manny's life was straight and narrow, until the night of January the fourteenth.’
    • ‘An earlier version of this article was presented at the fourteenth annual meeting in Colorado Springs.’
    • ‘It is not until the fourteenth chapter that an author gives the dates of works on their first occurrence; elsewhere, authors adopt a rather haphazard approach.’
    • ‘A cross is placed by the first of a series of imitative entries in the fourteenth bar of the fourth system, which occurs as the previous phrase reaches a cadence.’
    • ‘Our long-time supporter was principal sponsor of the conference and, for the fourteenth year running, is sponsoring the annual architecture awards.’
  • 2Each of fourteen equal parts into which something is or may be divided.

    ‘three fourteenths of $79.5 million’
    • ‘This suit is brought to recover the three-fourteenths of the amount so collected.’
    • ‘They give one-quarter of what they spend on weight-loss programs, and one fourteenth the amount spent on tobacco.’
    • ‘The daily probability of getting shot is about a fourteenth of the previous number, or 0.166 percent.’
    • ‘The executive board authorized the transfer of nine-fourteenths of the investment income from the net gold proceeds to be used for this purpose.’
    • ‘A loop of soft thread weighing one fourteenth of a grain caused the extreme tip to bend.’