Definition of Fourier transform in English:

Fourier transform


  • A function derived from a given function and representing it by a series of sinusoidal functions.

    • ‘In this case, we grab 1,024 samples at a time and compute the discrete Fourier transform using the fast Fourier transform algorithm.’
    • ‘These correlation functions and their Fourier transforms, the spectral densities, can be obtained directly from MD trajectories.’
    • ‘The numerical computation of the Fourier transform was done with the well-established two-dimensional Fast Fourier Transform algorithm.’
    • ‘First, we developed a smoothed series based on an inverse Fourier transform of the reference series.’
    • ‘The amplitudes of each of the component sine waves in the Fourier transform expresses the relative contributions of each frequency of variation to the periodicity of the original data.’


Fourier transform