Definition of four noble truths in English:

four noble truths

plural noun

  • The four central beliefs containing the essence of Buddhist teaching.

    • ‘The four noble truths thus represent an alternative and more realistic belief system than the one we typically carry around with us.’
    • ‘While a few key concepts (like the four noble truths, with their simultaneously gloomy and hopeful view of human nature) have always held firm, methods, philosophies and interpretations have differed widely.’
    • ‘It is critical to realize that none of the four noble truths departs from the truth of suffering and that all are, in a sense, contained in the first.’
    • ‘These are what people on Earth call the four noble truths.’
    • ‘The Buddha's discovery was elaborated in the four noble truths.’
    • ‘The four noble truths and the teachings of loving-kindness and compassion always apply.’
    • ‘Shakyamuni Buddha's first disciples became liberated when they heard him expound the four noble truths.’
    • ‘Our enlightened nature is covered by obscurations that can gradually be removed, that is the essence of the teaching of the four noble truths.’
    • ‘Whilst seated beneath the Bodhi tree the Buddha experienced the four noble truths.’
    • ‘But looking at things in terms of the four noble truths allows you to solve the whole problem of suffering.’