Definition of four-in-hand in English:



  • 1A vehicle with four horses driven by one person.

    as modifier ‘four-in-hand coaches compete this week for the Devon blue ribbon’
    • ‘These festivities included a contest in music, a dance to symbolize the defeat of the giants by the gods, a race for four-in-hands, and finally a gymnastic tournament.’
    • ‘The Parish at this time would be full to bursting, with all kinds of traps, carriages, and four-in-hands with drivers and Postillions going to and fro from the course.’
    • ‘Although Clay is not competing with four-in-hands, he still has his hands on the goings-on in the horse world of Virginia.’
    • ‘Between August 5 and 8, horse-drawn carriages, ranging from single-pony carriages to stately four-in-hands, were a common sight in Saratoga as carriage enthusiasts traveled to polo and the races.’
    • ‘From its doors tandem and four-in-hands were wont to start for a run to New Rochelle.’
    • ‘South of the Inn, a building comprised of quarters for grooms, carriages, four-in-hands, sleighs, pungs, gentleman roadsters and a stable for 90 horses was erected.’
    • ‘A second temple was located at the Circus Maximus, near the race-tracks, where he was considered to be the protector of the four-in-hands which joined the races.’
    • ‘Before the invention of the four-in-hand, carriages with four horses had to have two drivers.’
  • 2North American A necktie tied in a loose knot with two hanging ends, popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

    • ‘In business since 1950, this family-owned-and-run operation in Carmel, California, produces the finest bow ties and four-in-hands made in America.’
    • ‘The choice appears to be four-in-hand, Windsor, cross knot, half-Windsor, Prince Albert, Ascot, or small knot.’
    • ‘They're also called four-in-hands and are perfect for more casual - yet still elegant - wedding looks.’
    • ‘However, the four-in-hand knot is asymmetric, which does not look good on wide collar shirts.’
    • ‘For spring the best wear in cravats will be bias striped four-in-hands in bright contrasting colors.’