Definition of founder's day in English:

founder's day


  • A day celebrating the anniversary of the establishment of a society or organization, on which its founder is honoured.

    ‘the historic buildings are open on founder's day’
    • ‘I have a Founder's Day ceremony to go to tomorrow for the sorority.’
    • ‘The school's founder's day function last week presented an opportunity for these former students to recall those 'golden days of yore' with nostalgia.’
    • ‘Impressive solemnity marked the Founder's Day ceremony.’
    • ‘The administrator addressed the pupils at the annual Founder's Day service.’
    • ‘Today admission to the animal park is free for the general public in honor of Founder's Day.’
    • ‘He made a strong attack on those who had criticised the school when he spoke at its founder's day service in Glasgow Cathedral earlier this year.’
    • ‘It's the beginning of the Founder's Day festivities, and I would love for you to show me around and explain things to me.’
    • ‘He was speaking at the 72nd Founder's Day celebration of the bank at the regional office recently.’
    • ‘We have never attended our school's Founder's Day dinner, but decided to do so this year.’
    • ‘In any organisation, the celebration of the Founder's Day is undoubtedly the most important in the calendar of annual events.’