Definition of foul ball in English:

foul ball


  • A ball struck so that it falls outside the lines drawn from home plate down to the first and third bases.

    • ‘A foul ball and an outside pitch ran the count to 1 and 2.’
    • ‘My dad caught a foul ball in the third inning, and my dad's friend later took my brother down to the Yankees' dugout and had the ball autographed by the team.’
    • ‘With one out in the ninth and the strikeout total at 25, the next batter hit a high foul ball between first and home plate.’
    • ‘The next batter, Adam Shorts, popped a foul ball down the first base line.’
    • ‘White Sox hitters were consistently late on the fastball, hitting four foul balls in the inning.’


foul ball