Definition of foul-tempered in English:



  • Easily angered; having a bad temper.

    ‘I am appalling in the morning, really foul-tempered and grouchy’
    ‘a foul-tempered, evil megalomaniac’
    • ‘It was almost ten at night when he returned to his flat exhausted and still foul-tempered.’
    • ‘He said: "The material was so tight that within 20 minutes, I was the most foul-tempered person."’
    • ‘The wife (assuming they're married) is a terrified, shrieking thing, no doubt from having to live with such a foul-tempered man.’
    • ‘I was reading an article last week on how this hormone turns 'angelic children into foul-tempered teenagers.'’
    • ‘A foul-tempered doctor arrived and stopped just short of accusing me of smuggling the Black Death into the USA.’
    • ‘"I was as sullen and foul-tempered with my parents as I was cowardly and groveling at school," he says.’
    • ‘Unaware that the lab has run amok, the professor injects a particularly foul-tempered rat with a super dose of the serum.’
    • ‘I got to the office ten minutes late, sweating like a horse and foul-tempered - a mood worsened further by the knowledge that this week's journeys would cost me about two-and-a-half times as much in petrol as my £14.80 weekly rail pass.’
    • ‘Both are equally foul-tempered, vindictive and plain bad.’
    • ‘You are left exhausted, exasperated, foul-tempered, and ready to start throwing things yourself.’