Definition of foul-tasting in English:



  • Having a disgusting taste.

    ‘the water was foul-tasting’
    • ‘While the parrotfish makes a potentially tasty meal, even the slightest puncture of the organ that produces the slime during cleaning renders the fish foul-tasting and inedible.’
    • ‘He spluttered as the foul-tasting brew went down his throat, and set the glass back down.’
    • ‘He grimaced as he drank the foul-tasting liquid.’
    • ‘When his daughter refused to take her foul-tasting seizure medication, he made it taste better.’
    • ‘Being able to crumb a disgusting cut of meat, fry it and serve it with a foul-tasting gravy and side of coleslaw doesn't mean you are number one in the culinary arts.’
    • ‘Every two weeks he gave me an acupuncture treatment and foul-tasting herbs.’
    • ‘I eat my sloppy, foul tasting noodles reluctantly.’
    • ‘The water was foul-tasting, and he had to swallow hard to make it go down.’
    • ‘The cheese was sour, sticky, foul-tasting, and lingered on for way too long.’
    • ‘A lot of people are drinking bottles of funky-smelling and foul-tasting wine.’