Definition of fossicker in English:



NZ, Australian
  • See fossick

    • ‘Before that they were aware that people were interested in going to the station to fossick for gold - but were unaware that changes to the mining act in the year 2000, gave fossickers automatic rights of entry to the property.’
    • ‘It's amazing the number of keen fossickers and amount of gear that can be crammed into two vehicles - fourteen collectors in all.’
    • ‘In 1960 an opal fossicker unearthed another facet of the region on a large scale: the world's largest fossilized dinosaur stampede conserved in rock from the cretaceous period.’
    • ‘But perhaps the real similarity lies in the smash-and-grab variety of science both fossickers blithely espoused.’
    • ‘Two eager fossickers - a man and woman apparently in their 20s - were already going through them and picking out their favourites.’