Definition of forwardness in English:



  • [mass noun] Boldness or overfamiliarity in manner:

    ‘he was taken aback by the girl's forwardness’
    • ‘I think my forwardness was starting to make him a little uncomfortable.’
    • ‘Alex chuckled, and Lily blushed at her own forwardness.’
    • ‘The flap is measured in two dimensions, first measurement being the length and second being the forwardness of the flaps.’
    • ‘William was taken aback by the girl's forwardness.’
    • ‘Katherine was slightly abashed at his forwardness and lingered outside of the house, not really wanting to go in.’
    boldness, brashness, brazenness, barefacedness, shamelessness, immodesty, audacity, effrontery, daring, presumption, familiarity, overfamiliarity, irreverence, over-assertiveness, overconfidence, overweening nature
    aggressiveness, aggression, pertness, impudence, impertinence, cheek, insolence
    neck, brass neck, face, cockiness, freshness
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