Definition of forward roll in English:

forward roll


  • A gymnastic exercise in which a person tucks their head down and rolls their body in a forward circle on the floor.

    ‘he went into a forward roll as he landed’
    • ‘I'll never forget the first time I taught him how to do a forward roll.’
    • ‘She wasn't able to control her movements and, as a result, she hurt herself so badly on a simple forward roll that she wound up in the hospital.’
    • ‘We attempted cartwheels, handstands, and forward rolls before I picked up the juggling balls.’
    • ‘Toddlers are scrambling on hands and knees up a soft ramp, over a padded barrel, then doing a forward roll down a soft ramp on the other side.’
    • ‘It was a beautiful day and she wanted to do some forward rolls on the grass.’
    • ‘Primary school pupils got a good view of her gymnastic exercises, which included jumping over the young audience, and landing with a forward roll.’
    • ‘He dived into a forward roll, out of the way.’
    • ‘All of the boxes are sealed with purple tie wraps and rest on the kind of blue sports mat you did your first forward roll on in primary school.’
    • ‘I saw one of the senior members doing a forward roll, and it looked so smooth that I just had to learn how to do it too.’
    • ‘He can still drop into a forward roll, which can end in a flip to take him long distances.’