Definition of forward pocket in English:

forward pocket


Australian Rules Football
  • 1An attacking playing position on either side of the full forward.

    ‘they scored a drop kick goal from deep in the right forward pocket’
    • ‘Playing in the forward pocket, he kicked eight goals.’
    • ‘He took out a key opponent by camping in a forward pocket.’
    • ‘A procession of lithe figures in brown and gold jumpers headed towards a patch of shade behind the forward pocket for the warm-up.’
    • ‘He's notched 33 from the forward pocket.’
    • ‘Why does he let himself get moved into the forward pocket?’
    • ‘He converted the first from a tight angle in the right forward pocket.’
    • ‘He managed to drop his opponents back into the forward pocket.’
    • ‘Early in the match, he played on quickly after marking in the forward pocket.’
    • ‘He kicked the first goal from the forward pocket.’
    • ‘The ball went over the top and ran towards the forward pocket.’
    1. 1.1 A player who plays in an attacking position to the side of the full forward.
      ‘he was used mainly as a forward pocket’
      • ‘He spent a brief time as a forward pocket.’
      • ‘They needed a tough forward pocket with experience.’
      • ‘Their forward pocket Scott Welsh chipped in with four goals.’
      • ‘Their left forward pocket scored the first point.’
      • ‘As a forward pocket he could kick with either foot.’
      • ‘Forward pocket Ryan kicked five goals.’
      • ‘He was used mainly as a forward pocket.’
      • ‘A former forward pocket replaced him at full-forward.’
      • ‘The first goal of the game was scored by a forward pocket.’
      • ‘The forward pockets don't sit out on the boundary as they once might have.’