Definition of forward planning in English:

forward planning


mass noun
  • The process of making plans to take into account what is likely to happen or be needed in the future.

    ‘with a bit of forward planning, this party can be fun for all ages’
    • ‘Construction time was estimated at three months, meaning that forward planning and organisation were two very important tools that made the construction a success.’
    • ‘A little forward planning should help you to avoid punitive overdraft charges.’
    • ‘He wants better forward planning of big exhibitions.’
    • ‘The benefits of such forward planning included the potential for increased circulation, sponsorship, and government funding.’
    • ‘With a little forward planning, it is possible to keep your clothing purchases comfortably within the family budget!’
    • ‘A relatively small amount of forward planning can have a significant impact on how a company is perceived in the market.’
    • ‘In my case, a small amount of forward planning could have saved me great anguish and might have minimized some financial blows.’
    • ‘I for one am angry at the apparent lack of forward planning and strategic decision-making.’
    • ‘It almost seems like poor forward planning to have these two events so close together.’
    • ‘Each month the twenty leaders get together to talk and to do some forward planning, always looking at ways to improve their areas.’