Definition of forward in English:


(also forwards)


  • 1In the direction that one is facing or travelling; towards the front.

    ‘he started up the engine and the car moved forward’
    ‘Rory leaned forward over the table’
    • ‘The crowd applauded as the young girl stepped shyly forwards.’
    • ‘After waiting for him to return and realising he wasn't going to, Jake peered up the dark, uneven staircase, and took a tentative step forwards.’
    • ‘I turned to face him, finally meeting his gaze before leaning forward and kissing him softly.’
    • ‘The ball has to stop at the top of the backswing and change directions to travel forward.’
    • ‘Just then, the black car in front of us moved forward and disappeared, then it was our turn.’
    • ‘When you are seated, make sure you sit at the front edge of the chair, leaning slightly forward.’
    • ‘Now I'm sitting here propped up with cushions trying to remember not to lean back or forwards… or move at all.’
    • ‘The pose of the woman, who has raised her right leg onto the bench, at the same time leaning her upper body forwards towards the man, is an unusual motif in Burne-Jones's work.’
    • ‘He pulled on one of the levers and the ship began to move forwards.’
    • ‘Sheep are still hovering, uncertain whether to go forward or backward.’
    • ‘Tom Reid stepped forwards, looking altogether more relaxed.’
    • ‘Irritated, she ran forward and stood in front of him, causing him to stop abruptly.’
    • ‘The two ran away from the ship as fast as possible, and were thrown forward by the force of the explosion.’
    • ‘Hamma sat beside me staring intently forward and indicating the direction that we should take with a flick of his finger.’
    • ‘A gyroplane is an aircraft which is powered forwards by an engine, causing air to pass through overhead rotating blades which create lift.’
    • ‘Gently tip the washing machine forward onto its front and put a towel inside - try not to scratch the glass on the front when it hits the floor!’
    • ‘Keep your body upright and don't let your front knee go forward.’
    • ‘Overall, despite the guy in front of leaning forward so I couldn't see part of the stage, I enjoyed it immensely.’
    • ‘A short while later the two ships surge forward together at a speed of 30 knots.’
    • ‘As the gas burns, it moves rapidly rearward, propelling the aircraft forward.’
    ahead, forwards, onwards, onward, on, further
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    1. 1.1 In or towards the bow or nose of a ship or aircraft.
      • ‘Then Hayes moved aft, across a passageway to the starboard side of the ship, and forward.’
      • ‘The other common merchant ship layout is all holds forward with a superstructure aft.’
      • ‘The submersible is housed in a trunk below the deck of the ship just forward of the bridge.’
    2. 1.2 In the normal order or sequence.
      ‘the number was the same backwards as forwards’
      • ‘It's not just the lyrics that are palindromes, but the music is the same backwards as it is forwards as well.’
      • ‘He can memorise 60 digit numbers in a jiffy and recite them forwards and backwards.’
      • ‘Finding a particular spot on the tape means you have to wind the tape forward or backward.’
      • ‘I hope so, for I have such high hopes for this new year, one that reads the same backwards as forwards - a calendar palindrome.’
      • ‘Her name reads the same forwards and backwards.’
      • ‘By the time I was five I knew the song Waltzing Matilda forwards and backwards.’
      • ‘A palindrome is a word, phrase, or sentence which reads the same backwards and forwards.’
  • 2Onward so as to make progress.

    ‘the signing of the treaty is a big step forward’
    • ‘The development is in keeping with a city that is moving forwards not backwards.’
    • ‘This ground-breaking study is a big step forward in our understanding of how to treat children and adolescents with anxiety disorders.’
    • ‘The next thing we need to understand is how the human race is meant to move forward towards these ideals.’
    • ‘The statements are needed in order to take forward a class action lawsuit against the domain registrar.’
    • ‘It is a process of learning how to build and to move forward in a positive direction and to do it sustainably as a group.’
    • ‘This is another step forward in our efforts to reopen global markets for U.S. beef.’
    • ‘Blood testing, for the chemicals that do real harm to a sport, would be a huge leap forward.’
    • ‘Shouldn't this be the way forward for future city centre developments?’
    • ‘The schemes on offer from Europe should take Scotland forwards rather than backwards, Harrison argued.’
    • ‘Without spending this money we cannot go forward and progress as a club but we clearly can't afford it.’
    • ‘Then, and only then, we will be in a position to carry forward the work of those now near retirement.’
    • ‘But discussions are to take place with the county council on how to take the scheme forward in the future.’
    • ‘Bad news and a big decline, but at least the economy is still moving forward right?’
    • ‘He has no doubts about the need for private ownership as the way forward for the Irish economy.’
    • ‘We must have a historical perspective if we want to be able to move forward progressively as a people and as a nation.’
    • ‘That'd be a huge step forwards from where we are now.’
    • ‘If the team wants to progress and make leaps forward then I will be very happy to keep working on the project.’
    • ‘Our victory is a big step forwards for everyone.’
    • ‘The first step forwards to reducing our insatiable need for more and more power is to cut the waste.’
    • ‘James believes the way forward is to go backward: back to the basic, hearty food our grandmothers used to cook.’
    moving forwards, moving ahead, onward, advancing, progressing, progressive
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    1. 2.1 Into a position of prominence or notice.
      ‘he is pushing forward a political ally’
      • ‘This was great, and we were able to use some of them to push the CBS story forward.’
      • ‘Parents keep pushing suitable candidates forward and then wonder why their children don't like them.’
      • ‘It is accused of having become a political actor, pushing forward European integration in a partisan manner.’
      • ‘Mr Dowling launched his campaign this week pushing forward a number of issues aimed at benefiting Carlow.’
      towards the front, frontwards, out, forth, into view, into the open, into public notice, into prominence
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  • 3Towards the future; ahead in time.

    ‘looking forward, earnings are expected to hit £7.2 billion’
    • ‘We believe that there are significant operational synergies to be gained from this merger and are excited about the opportunities going forward.’
    • ‘Anyhow, anything written by the three mentioned above should from this day forward be treated with suspicion, if not outright derision.’
    • ‘But the main thrust of his speech was looking forward to the future of British farming.’
    • ‘Ben, I expect you to comply with the terms of the restraining order from this point forward.’
    • ‘The new administration appears to be looking forward, and we're cautiously optimistic about a positive tone for debate on environmental issues.’
    • ‘Thus there are very few people who do not look back to the past with a sense of longing or forward to the future with a sense of unease.’
    • ‘But we think at this time and looking forward to our future that we would like to stay with one team and focus our resources on one team.’
    • ‘History, however, is useful only if we can take its lessons forward to a different future.’
    • ‘So looking forward from here, you would expect the retail trade data to remain quite strong over coming months.’
    • ‘If I could turn back time I would but I can't so it's time to look forward.’
    • ‘This is perhaps the biggest concern right now and the biggest concern looking forward.’
    • ‘This ancient deity, we are told, could look both back on past events and forward to the future.’
    • ‘We are always on the side of progress, looking forward, stepping into the future.’
    • ‘He was my once in a lifetime friend and there will never be a day from this day forward that I do not miss him.’
    • ‘Whatever he does going forward, the 12 albums that have been re-released over the past year remain his calling card, against which all subsequent work will be judged.’
    onward, onwards, on, forth, forwards
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    1. 3.1 To an earlier time.
      ‘the special issue has been moved forward to November’
      • ‘Their logic dictates that the chances of bothersome winter postponements are reduced by propelling matches forwards.’
      • ‘The kick-off has been moved forward from 3pm to midday.’
      • ‘Most other member states claim to be making good progress in bringing forward the transposition.’
      • ‘I've contacted the IRS and the deadline has been moved forward to Friday. They think that now I have considerable resources at my disposal I can pay quicker.’
      • ‘It seems they have decided to bring the date of the wedding forward.’
      • ‘Following poor weather forecasts for Friday, the team shifted its programme forward in order to be ready to run today.’


  • 1Directed or facing towards the front or the direction that one is facing or travelling.

    ‘forward flight’
    ‘the pilot's forward view’
    • ‘Unfortunately, this operates in an abrupt way and can make forward progress rather uneven.’
    • ‘The Conger can swim almost as powerfully backwards as it can in a forward direction.’
    • ‘He closed his eyes and exhaled, feeling the gentle tremor of the ship's forward thrust.’
    • ‘On the role Baxter has played in dragging British skiing in a forward direction, he is characteristically modest.’
    • ‘His initial movement is forward, though he does not commit himself on to the front foot.’
    • ‘With the gun in a fixed forward position, the pilot can aim by manoeuvring the helicopter.’
    • ‘Anything that could be added to slow the forward momentum of your opponent is helpful.’
    • ‘Notice the flattened body bends and lack of forward progress that the animals make.’
    • ‘The forward motion of the hand and fingertips impart a gentle backspin to the ball.’
    • ‘I have to have my wrists ahead of the ball at impact and play the follow-through like a forward defensive cricket shot.’
    • ‘Males sport splashes of black and brown on a forward segment of their front legs.’
    • ‘We were using our energy mainly for forward progress, rather than for load hauling.’
    • ‘On even the gentlest of inclines you really need to select fourth or even third to have a hope of maintaining any sort of forward momentum at all.’
    • ‘The forward direction of the ball is accomplished by the horizontal angle of the cue stick.’
    • ‘Repeat this several times until the horse begins to feel you sit deeper in your saddle and, in response, stops his forward motion.’
    • ‘To add to that sense of confusion, Nolan films with both forward and backward momentum.’
    • ‘Rear tires of a tandem typically will wear more quickly than the forward positions.’
    • ‘The amount of rainfall directly related to how fast the forward speed of the storm is.’
    • ‘His forward vision has been drawn to the road just in front of him and therefore he is not looking well ahead as the highway code suggests.’
    • ‘It only happens to me once in a blue moon that I can make no forward progress.’
    moving forwards, moving ahead, onward, advancing, progressing, progressive
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    1. 1.1 Positioned near the enemy lines.
      ‘troops moved to the forward areas’
      • ‘Before they could even reach their planned forward positions, dozens of mortars came raining in.’
      • ‘Hundreds of thousands of cadets poured out of the shuttles and raced to the forward positions.’
      • ‘The wind ruffled her coat as well as her long red hair, as she rode towards the forward camp.’
      • ‘Would the risks of establishing a forward position be justified by the operational advantages?’
      • ‘The next three weeks were testing ones for the 7th Battalion, holding a forward position near the Bois de Bavent.’
      • ‘After heavy tanks had breached the enemy's forward defences, massed squadrons of light tanks supported by aircraft would roam at large behind enemy lines.’
      • ‘He was in a forward defence line with eight other soldiers, five of whom lost their lives.’
      • ‘There was one forward depot for each army formation with one forward battalion to support each front-line corps.’
      • ‘In the first, forward observers would take a bearing on the flash of an enemy gun and report it to a central control.’
      • ‘In the first incident, two rockets were fired at the forward operating base near Khost.’
      front, advance, foremost, head, leading, frontal
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    2. 1.2 Situated in or towards the bow or nose of a ship or aircraft.
      ‘the forward cargo doors’
      predicative ‘the crew's cabin is forward’
      • ‘She glanced up at the sensor screen and spied the main hatch near the forward apex of the flying wing.’
      • ‘The power of the wave destroys the reinforcement and pounds the ship's forward shields.’
      • ‘She snapped out orders and her ship heaved to the side, exposing the forward cannon to the enemy.’
      • ‘There is a large wheelhouse to explore and a couple of big winches and gear in the forward part of the ship.’
      • ‘It was in the forward quarter of the ship, with the rest of the rooms nearby.’
      • ‘The large main deck compartment is loaded though a wide door on the forward left side of the fuselage.’
      • ‘The two masts are in place, and the usual plan is to descend on one of them, explore the aft or forward part of the ship and ascend the same or the other mast.’
      • ‘Merlin stood at the forward end of the Recreation Deck in front of the large window.’
      • ‘A door slid open automatically when they approached the forward section of the ship.’
      • ‘Then he noticed a smaller group coming into the bay to his right, the forward end of the ship.’
      • ‘I looked up and saw the huge hull of a docked superfreighter quickly filling my forward view.’
      • ‘Two slots one either side of the nose showed where the forward cannons were hidden.’
    3. 1.3Electronics (of a voltage applied to a semiconductor junction) in the direction which allows significant current to flow.
      • ‘The voltage in the forward wave is always greater than the voltage in the reflected wave.’
      • ‘However, charge recombination reactions can occur when the forward electron transport cannot proceed.’
  • 2attributive Relating to the future.

    ‘a twelve-month forward forecast’
    • ‘Development of a forward market for this spread would provide another price risk management tool for cattle feeders to compliment those that are already well established.’
    • ‘These valuations are, in turn, based on forward earnings estimates and the level of risk associated with those projections.’
    • ‘As is true with all trend lines, however, their true meaning only become evident when forward projections are examined.’
    • ‘When such shortages occurred, supplies were given to firms depending on their forward forecasts.’
    • ‘We are looking at some extremely good forward bookings which is excellent news for a county which relies so heavily on tourism.’
    • ‘Forward predictions are now that the base rate will be 4.75 % by the end of this year.’
    • ‘An spokesperson said that the project has not yet been included in government forward budget estimates.’
    • ‘In October, the housebuilder said that its forward sales position was the strongest in its history.’
    • ‘Kansas farmers describe how a local group has combined forward pricing of grain with pooling larger quantities to gain better delivery prices in the spot market.’
    • ‘The same sort of forward thinking has led her to recruit people who have experience of big companies - even though they want to be involved in a start-up.’
    • ‘A win here would require a lot of forward planning and a great deal of improvisation.’
    • ‘The 20,000 customers with forward bookings should get money back.’
    • ‘He was also a forward thinker and was among the first to consider complete dieselisation of the railways.’
    • ‘The lack of integration is partly attributed to the unrealistically low forward estimates of public expenditure outlined in the Government's first budget.’
    • ‘They maintained that there would be no significant fall-out, and noted that the projections for the upcoming tourist season showed strong forward bookings.’
    • ‘Forward projections indicated an ever-growing development fund gap.’
    • ‘The theory here is that skirt length can be a forward predictor of stock market direction.’
    • ‘We are looking to the National Assembly to take up this forward thinking and bold initiative in Wales.’
    • ‘He said these plants have forward orders representing between two and four months production.’
    • ‘In other words, having a forward view changes what you do in the here and now.’
    • ‘The company, Europe's second-biggest tour operator, said forward bookings had risen by about 8 % over the past few weeks.’
    future, forward-looking, for the future, prospective
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  • 3Progressing towards a successful conclusion.

    ‘the decision is a forward step’
    • ‘His ability to move his life in the forward direction only served to highlight, in my mind, my own inability to do the same thing.’
    • ‘As a result, technologists and businesses cannot assume unhindered forward progress.’
    • ‘Tufnell is not exactly a forward step in selection and he's had many chances before.’
    • ‘You know, there was a time when it seemed we'd never take a forward step that didn't involve technology.’
    • ‘Dietz made marine geology the main focus of his life's work, and from his studies came one of the key forward steps in the development of plate tectonics.’
    • ‘Most likely you will come up with a ton of ideas to get your business moving in a forward direction.’
    • ‘Whether it will become a forward step or a backwards slide remains to be seen… only time will tell.’
    1. 3.1 Further advanced than expected or required.
      ‘an alarmingly forward yet painfully vulnerable child’
      • ‘He doesn't use sign language nearly as much now because he talks such a lot. He's very forward for his age and I think that teaching him a form of communication so young has given him extra confidence.’
      • ‘It was when she was a little over a year old that Charlotte first appeared to have problems. Before then she was a very forward child talking and singing, but suddenly started to slow down.’
      advanced, well advanced, early, premature
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  • 4(of a person) bold or overfamiliar in manner.

    ‘I am not usually a forward sort of person’
    • ‘When he goes on a date with Jane Gallagher, Holden becomes extremely agitated, because Stradlater is extremely forwardwith his dates.’
    • ‘She normally wasn't so forward; it wasn't like her at all.’
    • ‘A few minutes later a guy came up and sat down at my table, which seemed very forward of him.’
    • ‘Being alone became an annoying state, and those forward women became more attractive to you by the week.’
    • ‘Olivia worries that she was too forward with him, and that he is now judging her because of it.’
    bold, brazen, brazen-faced, barefaced, brash, shameless, immodest, audacious, daring, presumptuous, presuming, assuming, familiar, overfamiliar
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  • 1An attacking player in football, hockey, or other sports.

    • ‘The lack of goals from United's forwards has been well documented - with Julian Joachim the only front man to score a League goal this season.’
    • ‘Hockey should follow suit with special coaches for goalkeepers, defenders, halfbacks and forwards.’
    • ‘He is particularly worried about the lack of depth in the number of front row forwards.’
    • ‘Clive Connaughton and Daniel Morgan both had an excellent game at midfield and up front all forwards played their part in this great win.’
    • ‘Midway through the half, the Blues opted to kick for the corner from a penalty and from the ensuing lineout the forwards drove halfback Steve Devine over for the second.’
    • ‘This is one of the reasons that most forwards score fewer goals in a season than they did ten years ago.’
    • ‘I am still scoring goals, which is what all forwards are judged on, and hopefully there are a few more to come.’
    • ‘The backs set up a strong attacking position and the forwards forced the ball over the line from close range.’
    • ‘His biggest problem on the past two league campaigns is getting the Dublin forwards to score goals.’
    • ‘It was also the first time in a long while that I have seen the Scottish backs managing to keep the ball in front of their forwards whenever possible.’
    • ‘Both have forwards capable of scoring goals, but they both lack the creativity in vital areas that'd allow the likes of Andy Cole and Alan Smith to keep them up.’
    • ‘Their top forwards are still in their prime, their top defensemen are still in their prime and their goalie is among the best in the league.’
    • ‘Up front each forward got his name on the score sheet and proved that this win was a real team effort.’
    • ‘And while their forwards are definitely talented, asking them to get three goals each time out is too much, even for a Newcastle team.’
    • ‘Both Raul and Figo are very attack minded and would be looking to break forward and supply themselves, each other or the two forwards with plenty of goals.’
    • ‘For many of the men in the street, a good forward is one who scores a lot of goals, or failing that, provides a lot of assists.’
    • ‘Zamora appears to be out of his depth at the moment, but he can score goals and there are plenty of Premiership forwards without his innate goalscoring ability.’
    • ‘Luke, a front row forward, had been due to play his first match for the club's development squad on Saturday.’
    • ‘Yet goals do win games, and a team that has forwards that can steal goals is always a threat.’
    • ‘Rush was one of the most lethal forwards of the past 25 years.’
  • 2forwardsFinance
    Agreements to trade specified assets, typically currency, at a specified price at a certain future date.

    Compare with future (sense 2 of the noun)
    • ‘There are four basic types of derivatives transactions: forwards, futures, swaps, and options.’
    • ‘The first type, called futures or forwards, oblige a buyer and seller to complete a transaction at a predetermined time in the future at a price agreed upon today.’
    • ‘The course also explains the different types of risk associated with forwards and futures.’
    • ‘Why are forwards crashing and trading at a discount?’
    • ‘Unlike the case of NYMEX Futures versus over-the-counter forwards, there will be no alternative.’


[with object]
  • 1Send (a letter or email) on to a further destination.

    ‘my emails were forwarded to a friend’
    ‘I recently received an email forwarded from a friend’
    • ‘It was not until the last day of June that she forwarded my letter to the solicitor general, and one despairs as to when that answer will come and what it will say.’
    • ‘In the future I have requested that any letters be forwarded to me.’
    • ‘If everyone on my mailing list forwarded my letters to two others, then a lot of people would have received my messages.’
    • ‘The letter was forwarded to her current address and she replied to it on September 26, stating that she did indeed want the committee to proceed.’
    • ‘The main trade union for Dublin bar workers forwarded our letter asking members to contact the research team if they were interested in participating.’
    • ‘He has forwarded copies of the letter to his local councillors and his MP.’
    • ‘They confirmed, however, that a letter had been forwarded to the party concerned and it was the council's understanding the operations had ceased in the past two weeks.’
    • ‘Thanks to all of you who are forwarding the letters you've sent to the school.’
    • ‘I was also forwarded an email from somewhere outside the university.’
    • ‘I received a six-month-old letter that had been forwarded from an old address.’
    • ‘Her letter has now been forwarded to the relevant department, but last night Mrs Harrison was still awaiting a response.’
    • ‘The attorney general's office forwarded the letters to the Criminal Cases Review Commission last week.’
    • ‘The NCSC forwarded this letter to the Tribunal.’
    • ‘People are asked to forward any letters and/or pictures to the Editorial team as soon as possible.’
    • ‘The DSS will not give out information, but will usually agree to forward letters.’
    • ‘This letter has been forwarded to most newspapers and magazines throughout the UK.’
    • ‘The charity will forward the letters to the foreign embassies to make them aware of the level of public support for the drivers.’
    • ‘The schemes and lures used to motivate us to forward chain letters are as old as the hills, and we only annoy our friends by sending them on.’
    • ‘Ask the post office to forward your mail to the new address.’
    • ‘When their mother was seriously ill she tried to contact her brother, but he had left his job and didn't leave a forwarding address.’
    • ‘I forwarded the letter to the general secretary.’
    send on, post on, redirect, readdress, pass on
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    1. 1.1 Dispatch or send (a document or goods)
      ‘we will forward the parcels to you anywhere in the world’
      • ‘From Taiwan freight can be forwarded to cities worldwide using EVA Air's route network and cooperation agreements with carriers globally.’
      • ‘We have been trying to forward documents both to the post office box and to the residential addresses given.’
      • ‘All donations of old coins will be forwarded to the missions.’
      • ‘For each recyclable cartridge returned, a donation up to E1.30 will be forwarded to Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind.’
      • ‘The day coincides with Campbell Hospital's morning tea for Cancer Appeal and donations will be forwarded to the hospital.’
      • ‘But the criminal investigator's report has now been forwarded to commanding officers.’
      • ‘The warrant will then be sent to the CPS, which will forward the documents to the Israeli authorities.’
      • ‘The minutes of the meeting will now be forwarded to the full Southern Health Board meeting on June 3 for consideration.’
      • ‘When all the statements and documentary evidence had been gathered, they had been forwarded for expert opinion to a consultant specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology.’
      • ‘Bring along your purse, as there will be some lovely gift ideas on sale and 10% of the sales will be forwarded to a local charity.’
      • ‘As part of the application, the family submitted a number of documents to the Department, which were forwarded to a medical officer of the Commonwealth.’
      • ‘It later emerged that he had failed to forward documents to her in Ireland and had allowed other persons to live at the property.’
      • ‘Stan had not responded in writing to George's new accountant, nor had he forwarded the requested documents.’
      • ‘My brother in London purchased books from the Intermediate Technology Development Group and forwarded them to me.’
      • ‘The boxes will be forwarded to children suffering through war, poverty, natural disaster and disease worldwide.’
      • ‘Although no timeframe has been finalised, a draft document has been forwarded to the management of both institutions.’
      • ‘The best picture will be forwarded for inclusion in the album, which will be presented to the Queen this summer.’
      • ‘The state government put up Rs 500 crore and forwarded the report to the Central Government for its support, sometime in early January 2004.’
      • ‘Tickets will be forwarded by post to customers' credit card billing address.’
      • ‘His legal team said no extradition documents had been forwarded by Libya and South Africa had no existing extradition treaty with Tripoli.’
      send, dispatch, transmit, carry, convey, deliver, remit, post, mail, ship, freight
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  • 2Help to advance (something); promote.

    ‘the scientists are forwarding the development of biotechnology’
    • ‘He uses religious, economic, and political discourses in new and clever ways in order to forward his own political aims.’
    • ‘Dangerfield was into comedy for the long haul, looking not only to forward his own career, but those of other talented people as well.’
    • ‘I see a contradiction, though, as these same people are often also supporters of the corporatocracy, which is largely responsible for forwarding postmodernism.’
    advance, further, hasten, hurry along, expedite, accelerate, speed up, step up, aid, assist, help, foster, encourage, contribute to, promote, favour, support, back, give backing to, facilitate
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  • forward of

    • In front of.

      ‘the units are located forward of the flight deck control and display panels’
      • ‘The poop deck shows the holes for the large skylights over the steering engines just forward of the docking bridge.’
      • ‘To decock you simply mash the button located on the left side of the slide just forward of the front sight.’
      • ‘To get orientation, the sides of the hull curve down slightly just forward of the debris from the wheelhouse.’
      • ‘Lest they should run aground, depths were determined by tossing a line weighted with lead, forward of the ship.’
      • ‘A painting of a bumble bee was applied to either side of the fuselage just forward of the cockpit.’
      • ‘The shaft should be perpendicular to the ground, with the grip pointing just forward of your sternum.’
      • ‘We are engaged in discussions parallel to the advance of the thrust forward of troops on the ground.’
      • ‘The bomb bay is in the underside of the fuselage forward of the wing.’
      • ‘Individual seating was provided for 22 passengers, along with a large private stateroom forward of the main cabin.’
      • ‘The removable box magazine holds 10 rounds of Long Rifle ammo, with a release lever located just forward of the trigger guard.’
  • take something forward

    • Take responsibility for dealing with a task or developing a project.

      ‘he's designed a potentially successful product and we're doing all we can to help him take it forward’
      • ‘All they need to know is that he's the right man - probably the only man - to take the company forward.’
      • ‘It doesn't have the support within the community to take it forward.’
      • ‘They came to the meeting armed with separate proposals for how to take the company forward.’
      • ‘Its firm evidence will help us take the agenda forward.’
      • ‘We talked about a meeting with the applicants to take it forward.’
      • ‘I just feel the position needs a younger person who can take it forward.’
      • ‘Many of the papers in this special issue take this theme forward.’
      • ‘You'll be required to take client briefs, present your ideas and then take them forward with any changes.’
      • ‘Come and discover how you can take your studio forward.’
      • ‘'Both leaders reiterated their pledge to take forward the dialogue process', he said.’
      deal with, cope with, see to, address, manage, organize, orchestrate, make arrangements for, sort out, handle, take care of, take charge of, take responsibility for, take in hand, take forward, take up, undertake, tackle, give one's attention to, apply oneself to
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Old English forweard (in the sense ‘towards the future’, as in from this day forward), variant of forthweard (see forth, -ward).