Definition of fortuitously in English:



  • 1By chance rather than intention.

    ‘he fortuitously ended up in Detroit when his car broke down’
    • ‘Fortuitously, also opening this week is a wine bar in the former premises of the bank on Baggot Street.’
    • ‘Nor is there in the present case someone fortuitously on the scene who failed to act.’
    • ‘It's a new world, material without being real, where poor ghosts, breathing dreams like air, drifted fortuitously about.’
    • ‘It becomes apparent that, somewhat fortuitously, the boy has ended up in his friend's class.’
    • ‘Neither is committed to the communities in which they fortuitously find themselves, having instead wider obligations.’
    • ‘Fortuitously, Tom is stranded in the house by himself.’
    • ‘Fortuitously, it seems, a taxi is waiting for him.’
    • ‘A few of the lost works were captured, partly fortuitously, by the camera.’
    • ‘Your clients fortuitously happen to be overseas.’
    • ‘The people who are minding the place fortuitously happen to be away that night.’
    1. 1.1 By a lucky chance; fortunately.
      ‘my arrival appears to be fortuitously timed’
      • ‘Fortuitously, the weather has been excellent since I returned and we have been very busy catching up with outdoor tasks.’
      • ‘Fortuitously, the driver was a doctor, and the squadron leader was rushed to the hospital, where his left leg was amputated.’
      • ‘The generous incentives allowing the creative classes tax breaks on their published works fortuitously afforded them the opportunity to invest their profits.’
      • ‘I arrived at low tide, most fortuitously, so I could follow the steps through a gate at the far corner of the reserve.’
      • ‘The health and safety adviser has been telling reporters how he fortuitously avoided capture by turning up to work early on Wednesday.’
      • ‘They began making documentaries together, and emerged fortuitously from film school just as the music video era was dawning.’
      • ‘He was challenged by a Dutch policeman on the train but, fortuitously, was allowed to carry on his journey despite having no identity papers.’
      • ‘She could have done medicine or physics, but fortuitously she was advised by a friend of ours to do law with the intent of later becoming a political player.’
      • ‘News of her abduction gets back to the admiral, who, rather fortuitously, happens to be something of a skilled vampire hunter.’
      • ‘I mainly made jerseys and tanks for my then-husband, who, fortuitously, was colorblind.’