Definition of Fortean in English:



  • Relating to or denoting paranormal phenomena.

    ‘Fortean phenomena like spontaneous combustion’
    • ‘Brunvand describes different approaches to contemporary legends, including the Freudian, the Fortean, the memetic, the linguistic, and the sociological.’
    • ‘I also discovered, many years later, that Fort directed that his notes and papers were to be made available to Fortean researchers.’
    • ‘We'll be back next week with more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by ‘the paper that goes home - UFO Roundup.’’
    • ‘As I subscribe to the e-mail Fortean list compiled by Daev Walsh in Dublin, I received this report of a UFO sighting in my local town, Belfast.’
    • ‘Eclipse or no, we'll be back in seven days with more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the planet Earth, brought to you by ‘the paper that goes home - UFO Roundup.’’
    • ‘The current phenomenon in Jerusalem marks the first time a Fortean flow has taken place at a long-established religious site.’
    • ‘One of the most prominent and important practicing Fortean writers living today is Loren Coleman.’
    • ‘There were many, though, who remembered seeing such a photograph, or a photocopy of it, in the hands of Ivan T. Sanderson, the famous naturalist and Fortean author who died in 1973.’
    • ‘For instance, paranormal true believers frequently use false dichotomies in arguments about the validity of the anecdotal evidence offered to support claims of ghost sightings, alien visitations, and other Fortean phenomena.’
    • ‘The meta-plot of 24 contains hints of this whilst the meta-plot of Alias is looking more and more Fortean with every passing episode.’
    • ‘Realising belatedly that I was lost deep in a jungle of Fortean unreality, I decided that it was high time to cut and slash my way through the undergrowth and return to safety, sanity and scepticism.’
    • ‘People who look into these things are called Forteans, after Charles Fortean, a writer in the 1920's, and there are Fortean societies that keep track of these things.’
    • ‘The timing couldn't be better: with the once mighty X-Files threatening to go out with a whimper, the mainstream needs a Fortean sugar-shock more than ever.’
    • ‘A more traditional Fortean publication is the magazine Fate, which has been published since 1948, founded by science fiction magazine editor Raymond A. Palmer.’
    • ‘There are many other Fortean groups, as well, but it is worth noting that Fort opposed the idea of a Fortean Society.’
    • ‘Governor Teddy Roosevelt plays a big role, as well as a young street urchin who helps Fort, a kid who inspired by his Fortean adventures turns out to be a fiction writer later in life.’


1970s: from the name of Charles H. Fort (1874–1932), American student of paranormal phenomena.