Definition of forsaken in English:



  • Abandoned or deserted.

    ‘a journey into forgotten and forsaken places’
    • ‘Like the others who fled that forsaken city, they have not been back to survey the damage.’
    • ‘We can recover those forsaken elements of our collective character.’
    • ‘He felt pity for such a forsaken creature: no one had warmed her or comforted her or loved her enough to have her christened.’
    • ‘Forsaken children are now more likely to be put in foster care.’
    • ‘So you'd better be heatproof or just plain quick if you're collecting data from the surface of this forsaken place.’
    • ‘The beauty of it smote his heart, as he looked up out of the forsaken land, and hope returned to him.’
    • ‘He spends much of his time in some of the more life forsaken places on our planet.’
    • ‘Now, we come to the most forsaken film of the year.’
    • ‘The god Dionysos appeared, in all his divine glory, and rescued the forsaken heroine.’
    • ‘Why was I standing on a porch in the middle of some forsaken jungle waiting for the night to engulf me?’
    • ‘The other forsaken element is methodology.’
    • ‘Powerful forces move in the shadows each with their own agenda on this night of the forsaken.’
    • ‘Death, in this forsaken place, could come in countless forms.’
    • ‘His father had been an embittered hired hand to a poor tenant farmer in the forsaken moorlands of Jutland.’
    • ‘Liz persuades him to take a forsaken puppy, called Odie.’
    • ‘They were moving into a neighborhood that had been a forsaken stretch of abandoned buildings.’
    • ‘I turned to the only consultant I could on this forsaken island.’
    • ‘What was a poor, forsaken girl to do?’
    • ‘All the successive central and state governments have completely neglected this forsaken and endangered community.’
    • ‘The willow tree is often associated with weeping and forsaken love.’