Definition of forrard in English:


adjective & adverb

  • non-standard spelling of forward, used to represent a nautical or dialect pronunciation
    • ‘Grasp leeward spinnaker sheet forrard of the tweaker and walk back with it, pulling the spinnaker into the hatch.’
    • ‘We had an extremely rough crossing from Ancona to Zara and stove in the forrard messdeck hatch cover but fortunately the deck level hatch survived.’
    • ‘Finally, fit a small trumpet type jam cleat to the same side of the tiller as the fairlead, as far forrard as will not interfere with your grip.’
    • ‘The old chap who had just come off the look-out, had returned forrard again, and I was alone on that part of the deck.’
    • ‘First I thought I'd copy France out of the guidebook, like old Badger in the forrard cabin, who's writing a book, but there's more than three hundred pages of it.’
    • ‘Somebody told, I reckon; for in about eight or ten minutes them two pals come tearing forrard as tight as they could jump and darted ashore and was gone.’
    • ‘The sickbay was on the same deck as the hangar so the forrard lift was bringing the casualties down from the flight deck through the hatchway straight into the bay.’