Definition of formyl in English:



  • as modifier Of or denoting the acyl radical —CHO, derived from formic acid.

    ‘N-formyl methionine’
    • ‘Once the formyl group is removed, it prevents higher than expected O parameters.’
    • ‘Sfgh catalyzes the second step in the detoxification reaction, in which glutathione is restored and the formyl group is released as formate.’
    • ‘The formyl termini have been patched onto the last valine residue in the sequence of each monomer.’
    • ‘Two spectroscopic signatures associated with formyl group CH modes suggest that P740 is a dimeric Chl d-containing species.’
    • ‘However, since the formyl derivatives, especially diformyl derivative, have spectroscopic features similar to those of PpIX, it is difficult to distinguish these isomers from PpIX by spectroscopic means.’