Definition of formularize in English:


(British formularise)


[with object]
  • Make formulaic or predictable.

    ‘their stage shows have become a little formularized’
    • ‘Monthly, students and instructors set attainable goals and formularize an individual study plan for each student.’
    • ‘To complete the codification effort, it is useful to formularise the relationship between the governor and the head of state.’
    • ‘We must first of all, as a country and people, formularize a strategy for reforming energy in rural areas.’
    • ‘This prompted me do do a little cutting, pasting and formularising, and this it what I found.’
    • ‘It attempts to formularise the story of Presley into a jolly singalong with some vague lookalikes and leave the audience with a weep at the end.’
    • ‘I think we've managed to do it so far, but I see the danger as you say of formularising it.’
    • ‘The constraints of a certain kind of commercial fiction have tended to formularize the field over the last 50 years.’
    • ‘Bins are not formularised but made to a style.’
    • ‘Trying to formularize career growth is as big a mistake as any other overly simplified process.’
    • ‘Trading plans should be formularised before market starts and you should stick to it.’
    • ‘The truth is that the conventional wisdom on asset allocations is pretty much an idiotic exercise in trying to formularize something that should be as individual as a thumbprint.’
    • ‘These have subsequently been formularised as a set of eight ‘Millenium Development Goals’.’
    • ‘It's not a very intimidating list - mostly it just formularizes the things that we already do, albeit too infrequently.’
    foreseeable, to be expected, only to be expected, expected, par for the course
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