Definition of formerly in English:



  • In the past; in earlier times.

    ‘Mumbai, formerly Bombay’
    ‘the building formerly housed the National Assembly’
    • ‘Above all, the idea was to create a beacon to further development in a formerly dilapidated area.’
    • ‘Of course, ignominious ends for formerly beautiful actresses is a tale familiar to the point of cliche.’
    • ‘His wife, Vanessa, formerly a Bradford probation officer, is now a divorce mediator.’
    • ‘Such anecdotes illuminate the dry facts and dates in which the past was formerly embalmed.’
    • ‘The nightclub was formerly Cloud Nine and had been in existence in the city for more than 20 years.’
    • ‘Gibson, who formerly worked in both private and public sector health care, sees some signs of change.’
    • ‘It was formerly a health centre but for over a year had been empty and unused.’
    • ‘This was part of the redevelopment of the whole area formerly covered by the docks.’
    • ‘The premises had also formerly operated as a guesthouse, and it faces on to Eyre Square.’
    • ‘The Conigre development transformed a formerly derelict area of the town into new homes.’
    • ‘What benefit to the public is there to pay salaries to those who formerly entered politics as a vocational choice?’
    • ‘I stared at the space that had formerly been occupied by the noticeboard.’
    • ‘The club formerly had its own grass courts at the top of Kingsbury Street but these were sold for redevelopment.’
    • ‘A chartered accountant by profession, he was formerly head of Clydesdale Bank Equity.’
    • ‘Wagg Foods was formerly known as Page Feeds, which was founded in Tadcaster in 1923.’
    • ‘The listed building, formerly the Marvic Hotel, has since been twice extended.’
    • ‘A pub named after him can be found on Broadwick Street, formerly Broad Street, in London.’
    • ‘There is already a gated road formerly designated an emergency entrance to and exit from the hospital site.’
    • ‘The first floor of Glendower House was also formerly the offices of the Tenby employment exchange.’
    • ‘It has a long and proud history and the building was formerly a row of weavers' cottages.’
    previously, earlier, earlier on, before, until now, until then, hitherto, née, once, as was, once upon a time, at one time, at an earlier time, in the past, in days gone by, back in the day, in years gone by, in times gone by, in bygone days, in times past, in former times, in earlier times, time was when
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