Definition of formational in English:



  • See formation

    • ‘A resulting unexpected problem was that because the early practice of abilities was formational, students did not have as clear of a picture of where they stood with grades as they would have liked.’
    • ‘‘To provide for the common defense’ is one of the formational principles of America.’
    • ‘Expect to see more of a big-play mentality from the offense, which has been working together for months, and more formational shifts and motion.’
    • ‘The Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary has sometimes been assumed to lie at the formational boundary, but evidence presented here shows that this is not uniformly the case.’
    • ‘The social formational power, over 75 years, of the song-dedication formula, in compensating what Thompson described as the ‘non-reciprocal intimacy’ of electronic media, is incalculable.’