Definition of formation dancing in English:

formation dancing


mass noun
  • A variety of competitive ballroom dancing in which a team of couples dance a prepared routine.

    • ‘Why do fish go in for formation dancing, anyway?’
    • ‘In sequence dancing all couples do the same steps at the same time similar to formation dancing.’
    • ‘The Ballroom Dance Company, performing June 22, combines championship formation dancing, breath-taking lifts and spins into a performance with a seemingly endless stream of shimmering costumes.’
    • ‘The Line Dancing group offers great fun and enjoyment to all who enjoy the challenge of formation dancing.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the pairs are scattered over the whole foreground, with none of the local preference for formation dancing, which reinforces my suspicion that it was the British who took the initiative.’
    • ‘How and where formation dancing was started is not clear.’
    • ‘Twenty-three years of dominating United States formation dancing has given the Brigham Young University Ballroom Dance Company a reputation for excellence throughout the world.’
    • ‘However, the effect only bolsters the tension between the sinister and the romantic, an undercurrent recalling medieval music and its stately formation dancing.’
    • ‘So suddenly the floor would be taken over by people doing formation dancing.’
    • ‘Several championship titles reflect the prestigious international reputation as a centre of formation dancing.’


formation dancing