Definition of form room in English:

form room


  • A classroom in which a group of students assembles daily with the same teacher before dispersing to other classes.

    ‘we all piled into the form room in a massive clump’
    • ‘In my first year at secondary school, I was assigned to a form room on the top floor of the squat modern English block.’
    • ‘After assembly, we went back to the form room for form period.’
    • ‘I walked back to my form room to quickly grab my books for science.’
    • ‘I walked him to his form room on the Monday, something a few of the parents did to help their children grow accustomed to big school.’
    • ‘Ignoring them, I headed towards my form room and met up with Beth.’
    • ‘We helped decorate the form room for Halloween.’
    • ‘I was alright until I reached my form room at school where it was too hot.’
    • ‘He waited in his form room for the teacher to arrive.’
    • ‘I waited outside his form room during registration.’
    • ‘As we entered our form room, I had a sudden urge that I wanted to talk to the teacher about something.’