Definition of forklift in English:



  • A vehicle with a pronged device in front for lifting and carrying heavy loads.

    • ‘‘When they arrived they found the patient had been freed by other people in the yard using a forklift truck to lift the other machine off,’ he said.’
    • ‘Company staff underwent approved Health & Safety forklift truck training, and employees were instructed not to lift anyone on a forklift truck.’
    • ‘A workman from Poland is recovering after a forklift truck went over his foot.’
    • ‘Police officers who risked their lives chasing the driver of a giant forklift truck who left a trail of destruction across York have been praised for their bravery.’
    • ‘As far as work safety went, the main danger was of being struck by a forklift truck (they sped constantly around us).’
    • ‘He went off somewhere and came back with a forklift truck, lifted the Austin Metro that was on top and dumped it on the floor.’
    • ‘A forklift truck was fueled by gas, in that it had a tank of the kind you find in a heater and the exhaust smelt, well, like a gas heater, and the electric screwdriver wasn't electric - it was powered by compressed air.’
    • ‘Before entering, ensure that the forklift plus load weight does not the exceed the elevator capacity.’
    • ‘I got up onto the forklift truck and managed to trap it in a canister and we then put it into a jar for safe keeping.’
    • ‘Three of the farm's five balers were burned out, and a forklift truck, two tractors, a trailer, a lorry, the farm's own weighbridge and office were lost, along with the two Dutch barns.’
    • ‘He was told that workmen had been trying to move the tank using a forklift truck when it had fallen and split, spilling diesel.’
    • ‘Youths have been causing problems in the town this month, with a forklift truck being stolen from Porte Marsh industrial estate last Wednesday.’
    • ‘Using a forklift truck the gang spent the next hour transferring the bottles from the articulated lorry's 40 ft trailer into two stolen 16-tonne lorries.’
    • ‘They then moved the vehicle to the hard shoulder until after the morning rush-hour before a delicate operation with a forklift truck to remove several thousand oil canisters and make the vehicle safe.’
    • ‘He also, it seems, should avoid work involving a lot of use of a pedal of a vehicle, including a forklift truck.’
    • ‘The gear change belonged in a forklift truck, and let's not forget the interior design.’
    • ‘Vandals have caused up to £20,000 of damage after going on the rampage in a forklift truck on a Melksham building site.’
    • ‘Where existing rail freight operations need big investment in mechanical handling equipment and civil engineering works, all that is required for a Minimodal container is a standard forklift truck.’
    • ‘She then spent around two hours in the warehouse while the men selected various computers, valued at more than £500,000, which they loaded onto two lorries using a forklift truck.’
    • ‘In the early hours of Thursday morning, the robbers, working under the cloak of darkness, forced open one of the warehouse doors and, then, using a forklift truck, loaded eight pallets of digital cameras onto a white lorry.’


  • Lift and carry (a load) with a forklift truck:

    ‘he eyed the blocks of compacted garbage being forklifted on to a trailer’
    • ‘The rack was being forklifted off the truck and slid off, crashing to the floor.’
    • ‘The risers need to be forklifted off of their wheeled carts and the students must return the carts to Event Storage.’
    • ‘Entire loads were containerized, forklifted onto a flatbed, and transported to the playa.’
    • ‘The gaudy decorations are out, the over sized Yuletide props have been forklifted into position by underpaid migrant workers, and the same CD played at this time every year since 1989 can be heard tinkling through the mall.’
    • ‘This could be a fantastic win: Instead of having to barcode every single item, the contents of an entire pallet could be identified simply by forklifting it in the door.’
    • ‘He was greeted with a band and wheeled down the streets after being forklifted into a truck.’
    • ‘The Christmas records were recently forklifted out of the WFMU pit and put into the record library.’
    • ‘The plastic crates, tagged so everyone would know that these are the fish from the Elizabeth, are forklifted into the cavernous refrigerated storeroom of the Exchange.’
    • ‘It is forklifted off the truck and dropped into a cement-lined, 3-foot-deep hole in the center of the hotel's courtyard.’
    • ‘As the sun rose, the drums were forklifted onto the planes.’
    • ‘The scene is profoundly moving: children play-acting grown-ups, trying to create a makeshift sacrament and ritual in an industrial warehouse, where the coffin eventually gets forklifted away like freight.’
    • ‘Yes, goods can be loaded and unloaded at a more southern point and then forklifted to their final destination, but as visitors know, the site is over 5 acres in size.’
    • ‘The store I bought them from at my request forklifted the whole pallet into my van to save my back.’
    • ‘He was once forklifted onto a plane when he couldn't walk up the stairs to board.’
    • ‘The flat cargo bundles, packed onto ‘pallets’ that are forklifted onto trucks, are about ten feet high and eight feet wide.’