Definition of forked lightning in English:

forked lightning


mass noun
  • Lightning that is visible in the form of a zigzag or branching line across the sky.

    ‘a flash of forked lightning’
    • ‘‘There was thunder and lightning and very heavy rain and as we approached the runway we could see forked lightning,’ she said.’
    • ‘The thunder was louder and ‘sharper’ with forked lightning and softer and ‘fuzzier’ with cloud-to-cloud lightning.’
    • ‘The lightning, which was forked lightning, was the worst I've seen.’
    • ‘The shelter of even a tomb was welcome in that pitiless tempest and I was about to enter it when there came a flash of forked lightning that lit up the whole expanse of the heavens.’
    • ‘Sheet lightning is a flash within a cloud; forked lightning is an electrical discharge from a thundercloud to the ground.’
    • ‘The most dramatic is cloud-to-ground, often seen as forked lightning, which accounts for about 20 per cent of discharges and typically transfers tens of coulombs of negative charge from the cloud.’
    • ‘The week long series involved eight races in conditions from a whisper of a breeze to a thunderstorm with forked lightning, that passed directly over the fleet of 120 boats.’
    • ‘Thunder roared, forked lightning crackled and a wall of rain fell from the sky.’
    • ‘I never write ‘confessional’ poetry but your voice - like forked lightning etching a thunder-dark river - leaves me no choice but to speak directly.’
    • ‘The forked lightning was incredible and the thunder deafening with no time lag between the two.’
    • ‘They wake to forked lightning, terrible crashes like accidents happening all around them.’
    • ‘I was watching the most impressive storm yet, with forked lightning and thunder that shook your heart.’
    • ‘Nestled in a deep valley in France's thunder alley, Chablis is as likely to be hit by forked lightning as by warm sun.’


forked lightning

/ˌfɔːkt ˈlʌɪtnɪŋ/