Definition of fork something out (or over or up) in English:

fork something out (or over or up)

phrasal verb

  • Pay money for something, especially reluctantly.

    ‘my car had been towed away and I had to fork out 70 quid’
    • ‘No matter what type of store you walk into, you'll find all types of carefully engineered tricks that get you to fork over cash.’
    • ‘But hey, it's Comic Relief, I should just fork out the cash and shut up moaning.’
    • ‘Even though 50 dollars seems steep, suck it up and fork it out for this or any of his other works.’
    • ‘One superfan has forked over $10,000 for a one-line speaking role.’
    • ‘You have forked the money out every month for years and years and now they don't want to know you, they will not cover you for the things which you need cover for due to age.’
    • ‘He had high hopes for his birthday bash and even forked out £10,000 for a private party.’
    • ‘Mary and the Countess conspire to get Martha to fork up some cash to save Downton Abbey, but grandma refuses.’
    • ‘He also forked over $15,000 for a veterans trip to Las Vegas.’
    • ‘Instead of forking over the cash, you can make many kitchen gadgets yourself.’
    • ‘In the meantime, he'll have to fork out $400 a night to continue staying at a nearby hotel.’
    pay, pay up, pay out
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