Definition of forfend in English:



  • 1archaic Avert or prevent (something evil or unpleasant)

    ‘‘The fiend forfend’ said the grim Earl’
    • ‘Brenda forfended this possibility by isolating groups of sculptures inside a designated pathway: they stood aloof from touch save by imagination.’
    • ‘She shows how they too forfended Moscow's revolution while they could, and what became of those exiled to Kazakhstan.’
    • ‘The reinforcement with the additional U-shaped flexible elongated metal folder improves the structure of conventional end hook in enhancing considerably the strength to withstand the stress of impact, forfending the usual disadvantage of fracture or rupture of the tape and rivet failure.’
    • ‘Thus a tradition died, and thus the Masters and Wardens of today rejoice in a happy immunity, all unknowing of the danger their predecessors forfended.’
    • ‘This forfends what one may call the natural development of the natural man so overlaid with social man.’
  • 2US Protect (something) by precautionary measures.

    ‘the sacrifice of Mississippi was forfended against even the treason of Wilkinson’
    • ‘Deliberation is worth gold and stocks, and it forefends against sorrow.’
    • ‘The appellant, while admitting that the people may protect themselves against abuses of the freedom of speech safeguarded by the Fourteenth Amendment by prohibiting incitement to violence and crime insists that legislative regulation may not go beyond measures forefending against ‘clear and present danger’ of the use of force against the state.’