Definition of forewoman in English:



  • 1A female worker who supervises and directs other workers.

    • ‘This was a problem for us, and we asked urgently that the brigades send us forewomen to manage and teach; it was not easy to for them to find forewomen either.’
    • ‘In this case women from the lower class of workers were still binding their feet while the ‘forewomen’ had begun to quit the practice.’
    • ‘After all, she has been his forewoman for years, and knows him like clockwork.’
    • ‘He said that the girls could go out as they pleased, that forewomen and bookkeepers were detailed on each floor to watch those who preferred not to use the Greene Street door.’
    • ‘There is a section of future workers in this field which, we believe, would well repay training; it consists of those who would be supervisors and forewomen in control of woman labour.’
    • ‘No bullying nor entreating of the forewoman could persuade the women to return to work.’
    • ‘The forewomen, all girls of experience, kept a watchful eye on their assistants, and in many cases returned the unfinished cartridges to the huts.’
    • ‘There was, at Canynge Hall, a permanent staff of officers, forewomen, clerks and domestic workers, but the majority of the girls only remained in the hostel for a few days to gain some knowledge of drill, army etiquette and discipline, and to receive their uniforms.’
    • ‘In this connection by personal interviews with the forewomen of factories, and heads of other business establishments employing thousands of working women, the character, and value of our Association has been presented, and a store of information as to the employees, their work, and their wages has been acquired that may, in the future be turned to valuable account.’
    • ‘Highly paid occupations included forewomen in various industries, cigar-makers, machine operators (clothing, hosiery and gloves) and milliners.’
    • ‘In each class of employment there may be an assistant forewoman for every 20 women working at each place at each trade, and two assistant forewomen and one forewoman for every 40 women.’
    • ‘The first female employees at Cardonald National Projectile Factory were five forewomen and twenty girls appointed in June 1916.’
    • ‘Such as he saw at work were noticeably inferior in physique to the few gaily dressed managers and forewomen who were directing their labours.’
    • ‘Under the deacons are ‘care-takers,’ who are the foremen and forewomen in the different pursuits.’
    • ‘All reports submitted to Welbilt, Inc. should be written so that the forewomen and foremen of the construction unit implementing the report can understand and apply the information contained therein.’
    • ‘On the other hand, employees who represent their employers in their dealings with the staff, that is, those acting at the management level (e.g., foremen and forewomen), are not unionizable.’
    1. 1.1North American (in a law court) a woman who presides over a jury and speaks on its behalf.
      • ‘The judge finally asked if there were any reasonable prospect that 10 of them might ever agree - the minimum number required for a verdict - and the forewoman replied, ‘No, your honour.’’
      • ‘‘We are very deadlocked, it's almost half and half,’ the forewoman later told the judge.’
      • ‘He showed no visible sign of emotion when the guilty pleas were announced by the jury forewoman.’
      • ‘The jury was on the eve of delivering their verdict, the jury forewoman had a heart attack.’
      • ‘The jury forewoman, chosen because she happened to be seated in the first chair in the jury box, is a middle-aged black woman who lived in the Parkchester section of the Bronx several decades ago.’
      • ‘It was revealed after his trial that the jury forewoman in his case was the ex-wife of the deputy sheriff who testified in the case.’
      • ‘The words I pronounced as forewoman would change someone's life.’
      • ‘The jury forewoman on a capital murder trial said this of a fellow juror who believed the defendant deserved to die, yet couldn't vote for death.’
      • ‘According to a Reuters report, the jury forewoman said that the panel did not consider the verdict to be excessive.’
      • ‘The suspended assistant police commissioner had stood stoically as the jury forewoman was asked 20 times for a verdict.’
      • ‘I interviewed all the jurors after the trial, and what happened was, the forewoman on the eve of the verdict, the forewoman had a heart attack, and so they had to begin deliberations all over again.’
      • ‘A group of jurors who wanted to convict deposed the forewoman.’
      leader, chief, boss, controller, master, supervisor, governor, superintendent, foreman, headman
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