Definition of foretriangle in English:



  • 1The triangular space between the deck, foremast, and forestay of a sailing vessel.

    • ‘Humphreys has drawn a fairly high-aspect, cutter-optimized sloop rig for the boat with a lot of emphasis on the versatility of the foretriangle.’
    • ‘In addition, the dip pole gybe requires another crewmember to adjust the topping lift while the pole is being swung through the foretriangle to the other side of the vessel.’
    • ‘Boats had low aspect mains, small foretriangles, fractional rigs and no lapping foresails.’
    • ‘If the two boats have similar sized foretriangles you can probably make it work.’
    • ‘More recently in the US it has come to be also used in cases where the foretriangle is enlarged by placement of the mast at a point nearly amidships.’
    1. 1.1 The area of sail within the foretriangle.
      • ‘However, in addition to the mainsail, some manufacturers use the working jib or even a 150% genoa instead of the foretriangle to calculate the total sail area.’
      • ‘Rigs have become so generic these days that it reminds me of the late 1960s when all we saw were masthead, single-spreader rigs with big foretriangles.’
      • ‘One nice thing about the high foretriangle is that gybing under spinnaker in heavy air does not demand flawless runner work to keep the mast in the boat.’
      • ‘Bottom line is I think at least some IOR boats are under-rated; they can sail very well, especially in lighter air where the pinched ends reduce wetted surface and the big foretriangles provide power.’