Definition of forester in English:



  • 1A person in charge of a forest or skilled in planting, managing, or caring for trees.

    • ‘Without trained foresters to mark the trees that should be cut, oversee the cutting, and develop plans to protect forests from fires and pilfering, sustained yield and preservation were impossible.’
    • ‘These trees were introduced from abroad by foresters for fast-growing commercial plantations.’
    • ‘He wanted a workforce to build Siberia and chose country people because they were foresters and lumberers with the skills to do the work he wanted.’
    • ‘Last week, our foresters and contractors planted 12,700 pine seedlings on land burned by the Blodgett Canyon Fire in 2000.’
    • ‘It has at one end of it, foresters that are logging forests, another group that is burning forests, and a very, very small group that try and preserve wildlife.’
    • ‘Timber lobbyists and foresters say thin out some national forests as a means of fireproofing them and preventing more superfires; that means cutting trees - lots of them.’
    • ‘The following day, the Batsford forester returned to cut down the tree.’
    • ‘With the participation of a professional forester indicating which trees to fell, thinning cuts could simultaneously provide another arena for discussing and testing different selection criteria.’
    • ‘Whether or not locals are actually degrading the forest through browsing and fuelwood collection or foresters are actually dismantling the forest through bribery and tree harvesting are not the most immediate questions.’
    • ‘By the 1940s, foresters and loggers had improved their institutional and technological capacities so that they could respond more quickly to sudden demand than had been possible during WWI.’
    • ‘As well as the visual elements, there is much that links the garden to its surroundings and to the family: the elm bench, for instance, was made from a tree on the estate by Jim Thompson, the head forester.’
    • ‘He said ants are highly valued by German foresters for eating insects which attack trees.’
    • ‘But the foresters missed the trees and hit their fellow foresters, and the game was born.’
    • ‘A vintage train is helping foresters faced with a conservation dilemma to thin trees.’
    • ‘The gardeners wanted to plant a tree to commemorate my time as head gardener there, and the senior forester had said I might choose any tree I liked from the tree nursery.’
    • ‘Bulgaria's forests are taken care of by 3500 foresters and improving forest security, along with restoring destroyed woodlands, has been identified as the top priorities of the Government.’
    • ‘In 1994, Global ReLeaf helped local foresters in central Minnesota plant 13,000 white pine seedlings.’
    • ‘The forester implored anyone seeing vandals damaging the tree to report it immediately to the police.’
    • ‘As the century ended, the Forest Service and foresters, while still the guardians of the nation's arboreal heritage, increasingly shared that role with an informed and articulate public.’
    • ‘Therefore anyone who is interested in planting should now apply through an approved forester or a forestry company.’
  • 2archaic A person or animal living in a forest.

  • 3A small day-flying moth with metallic green forewings and a greenish-bronze body.

    Genus Adscita, family Zygaenidae: several species

    • ‘As the corn ripens and promises another fruitful harvest, so the foresters and their nymphs go off to consummate their love and, presumably, to eventually produce a harvest of their own.’
  • 4Australian The eastern grey kangaroo.

    See grey kangaroo
  • 5British A member of the Ancient Order of Foresters, a friendly society.

    • ‘David Green quotes from the rules of the Ancient Order Of Foresters.’
    • ‘Barman Charlie Tutty, of the Foresters, said: ‘It's quite funny seeing them.’’
    • ‘Last year 38-year-old Katrina Kent made her debut in the London Marathon and raised more than £1, 300 for The Foresters ' Fund for Children.’


Middle English: from Old French forestier, from forest (see forest).