Definition of forest tree in English:

forest tree


  • A large tree growing in or typical of those growing in a forest.

    • ‘Today, however, this forest tree is cultivated far from its birthplace.’
    • ‘These included shade-giving trees, rare trees, forest trees and medicinal trees.’
    • ‘On my estate there are numerous Norway maples, cousins of our very own sycamore, and I for one would not care too much if this variety of forest tree were totally eradicated from my area.’
    • ‘It is the most widely planted forest tree in Ireland.’
    • ‘The effects of elevated CO 2 on respiration of leaves of forest trees are well documented.’
    • ‘Threats to the moth's survival include non-native ants and parasitic wasps that prey on its eggs and caterpillars, overcollection, and the loss of the moth's native host plant, a dryland forest tree.’
    • ‘Regulations adopted in crops are also likely to be used for forest trees, but may need adaptation.’
    • ‘Microscope studies into ozone responses of wild plants are, except for forest trees, non-existent, even though microscopy could serve as an additional and sensitive tool in the assessment of plant responses to ozone.’
    • ‘Using our newly developed model, we have successfully detected significant additive x additive epistatic effects on stem height growth trajectories in a forest tree.’
    • ‘It was transformed from a forest tree to an agricultural crop, from food to an export commodity.’
    • ‘Sugi, Cryptomeria japonica D. Don, is an important forest tree, because of its excellent characteristics, including rapid growth, straight bole, ready regeneration, and soft wood with a pleasant color and scent.’
    • ‘Any individual forest tree can produce tens of thousands of seeds in any given autumn, and even if the mice consume 95 percent of those seeds, a healthy number of seedlings could survive.’
    • ‘Moribund trees in our study displayed symptoms similar to those of forest trees dying from ‘natural stress’.’
    • ‘For fast-growing trees, small saplings of forest trees like oak, beech and ash, use a strap or tie with a built-in buckle, so that the tie can be lengthened as the tree grows.’
    • ‘Recent studies in fruit trees and forest trees have shown that branching of growth units is often organized as a succession of homogeneous zones.’
    • ‘Pollen migration provides a mechanism for maintenance of genetic variability, particularly in sessile wind-pollinated, long-lived forest trees.’
    • ‘The protection of the genetic resources of forest trees is included in the National Plant Genetic Resources Programme for Finnish Agriculture and Forestry.’
    • ‘Many New Zealand forest trees grow to a very venerable age. 1500-2000 year old trees are the norm, and many trees live for much longer periods of time.’
    • ‘The area consists of luxuriant growth of tall grasses with scattered growth of deciduous forest trees.’
    • ‘However, most studies considered the effects of deer browsing on forest trees or understory vegetation.’