Definition of forest fly in English:

forest fly


  • A bloodsucking European louse fly of wooded areas, attacking horses and other animals.

    Hippobosca equina, family Hippoboscidae

    • ‘This brings the moot question to the fore: who else were at fault, besides the obvious parasites and the forest flies which spread the disease?’
    • ‘The sub-genus Fusca or Austenina group are also referred to as forest flies.’
    • ‘One of our good friends from Belgium who works on forest flies finds dozens of new species each time he goes in.’
    • ‘A post-mortem found the tigers died of a common parasite carried by forest flies.’
    • ‘There are also no or few horsefly's during these seasons and we don't see the biting forest flies which we do have during the summer weeks.’