Definition of forest fire in English:

forest fire


  • A large, destructive fire that spreads over a forest or area of woodland.

    ‘a helicopter had been engaged in extinguishing a huge forest fire’
    • ‘Small forest fires burst to life and the yellow sea-planes douse them with water.’
    • ‘When we visited in early May four years ago, there were tons of forest fires in the area.’
    • ‘It was disappointing to see the extent to which the forest had suffered in a forest fire that had burnt every bit of regenerating vegetation and the delicate undergrowth.’
    • ‘Some states that feel vulnerable to forest fires are actually offering to pay power companies to harvest more wood for fuel.’
    • ‘He had heard that forest fires could spread very quickly.’
    • ‘The forest fire shut down a major power line.’
    • ‘During the dry season, huge forest fires scorch thousands of acres of natural areas.’
    • ‘The worst forest fires on record had driven people from their home grounds and they had been given temporary accommodation in the city centre.’
    • ‘A meteorologist told the paper that France was between 20% and 50% down on its usual rainfall, dramatically increasing the risk of crop damage and forest fires.’
    • ‘Years of intensive logging, agricultural development, and uncontrolled forest fires have taken their toll on those undisturbed forests and on the Siberian tiger.’