Definition of foreshadow in English:



  • Be a warning or indication of (a future event)

    ‘other new measures are foreshadowed in the White Paper’
    • ‘This foreshadowed the sacrifice that Jesus made as the perfect Lamb of God to settle the requirement of blood for life once and for all.’
    • ‘What then is the picture of the world in the mind of this child, and how does it foreshadow the future events of the story?’
    • ‘Light traffic offered little to foreshadow the afternoon's events; the St. Laurent shopping centre had a parking garage filled with cars as I passed by.’
    • ‘Their debates over conservatism foreshadowed our debates today over liberalism.’
    • ‘The former poem foreshadows future rebellion when he proclaims to the guards.’
    • ‘The recent conflict between a Democratic governor of California and a Republican president foreshadows future debates between the parties over energy policy.’
    • ‘Nationally, this foreshadows economic disaster unless we can pull off a political and cultural about-face regarding education.’
    • ‘In a move which could foreshadow the end of super-quarries in Scotland, the Scottish Executive is preparing to review its controversial guidance on mineral workings.’
    • ‘But as the sun sets on a troubled election, it's still not clear if that anger foreshadows a change in power.’
    • ‘Decades from now, historians will say the book foreshadows the end of the global corporation, and the rise of the civil society movement.’
    • ‘The lighting and staging of the work foreshadow the tragedy effectively, juxtaposing dark, foreboding scenes with light, flirtatious ones.’
    • ‘This is eventually revealed to have an oblique connection with the main storyline, and to foreshadow the traumatic events behind the making of the enigmatic footage: the dots just about join up.’
    • ‘This evening's episode foreshadows the finale.’
    • ‘These dreams are invariably important, and often foreshadow events in the near future.’
    • ‘It establishes a mood and foreshadows future events.’
    • ‘Suffice it to say that the smallest details foreshadow these surprises, in heartbreaking and heart-lifting ways.’
    • ‘After all, what Hollywood screenwriter would spend half an hour foreshadowing an event that never arrives?’
    • ‘Two events foreshadow a significant change in the fortunes of marriage and family in Australia.’
    • ‘This impression is not quite accurate but does foreshadow events to come.’
    • ‘The sky was a dark blood red that night almost as if foreshadowing the events to come.’
    augur, presage, portend, prognosticate, foreshow, foretell, indicate, suggest, signal, herald, forewarn, warn of, promise, point to, anticipate
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